When You Go Black You Never Go Back

Triana O'Keefe
25th Feb 2016

What will you be doing on March 17th for St Pat’s day - is there a better way to celebrate than with a pint of GUINNESS?

Saint Patrick’s Day is a cultural and religious holiday celebrated on the 17th of March every year since the early seventeenth century. Typical of the Irish (proud to say I’m one of them), the day has become more than just about commemorating Christianity arriving in Ireland. It has become a day where we celebrate ‘Irishness’ and all things green.

Celebrating St Pat’s day may also mean for some of you the one day a year you brave a pint of the black stuff. I’m with you, I avoided the beer simply due to its colour (Yes, I am a professed beer racist!) BUT, have you ever thought about having a Guinness cocktail? I tell you what, they changed my mind on the ‘liquid meal’.


The Black Velvet

This cocktail was first tasted at the wake of Arthur Guinness after the barkeep decided everything should be in mourning, even the champagne. I was reluctant but actually loved it and went back for another!

½ flute of sparkling wine of choice
½ flute of Guinness Draught

Black n’ Black

For those of us with a sweet tooth. The toasted hoppers and sweetness of the fruit makes for a divine combination.

30mls blackcurrant or raspberry cordial
1 pint of Guinness Draught

The Trojan Horse

An interesting adaptation of the Shandy.

60mls Coke
1 pint of Guinness Draught

The Black Cock

I know what you’re thinking but it actually didn’t live up to its reputation (even if you enjoy it in a long glass)

30mls of rum
60mls of Guinness Draught
90mls of coke

And pints straight up. Enough said.

After a night at PJ Gallagher’s drinking pints and Guinness cocktails, the local folk were bound to notice we were celebrating early. A large rounded man, whom the bartender referred to as O’Malley, questioned “what the ‘ell are ya doin”? After explaining our situation he turned to me and said “You know, there is an old Irish adage about Guinness?” He went on to ask if I knew what beer rings were. As I work in a bar I told him that I knew them to be the rings around a schooner, left after the beer settles, indicating how many mouthfuls were taken to consume the drink. O’Malley nodded and continued “It is believed that a good Irish lad will drink a pint of Guinness leaving just seven rings. Two for the Father, two for the Son, two for the Holy Spirit and One for himself”. This good Irish lass left 9 rings, what’s your number?

Originally written by Triana O'Keefe for our sister publication insidecuisine.com