Grey Goose’ La Boulangerie’ Yellow

Joe van der Heide
12th Aug 2015

“See the Goose in flight…” says Andy Wren, the National Ambassador for Grey Goose as he hands me my liquid entree aptly named “Le Fizz”; a simple yet elegant mix of Grey Goose (believe it!), St-Germaine, fresh lime juice and chilled East Imperial soda water. He encourages me to swirl my champagne flute, stimulating the steel martini poker topped with a shiny goose to spin around the glass, imitating its usual majestic flight - yet nowhere near as far. “Don’t worry, he’s not going anywhere” Andy assures me. Ta.

As the masses gathered and casually filled out the warm and welcoming par bare-brick interior of ‘Yellow’, the anticipation of a three-course appropriated French-Modern menu makes my stomach sing. The low hanging, dimly lit Edison’s coupled with the cosy AC make my head swim even before my lips get a chance to touch the edge of the Grey Goose wet martini which was foolishly put in front of me. I should have had breakfast.

Andy took the helm to introduce the event as the menu teasingly sat in front of me. The winter wheat sourdough bread was dropped alongside a deliciously salted and creamy house-made butter which prompted the simplistic basis for the whole campaign. He describes the key ingredient of Grey Goose vodka; a soft wheat spanning three trimesters of germination to give birth to a smooth and clear vodka envisioned by François Thibault in the mid to late 90s. All of a sudden everybody’s bread becomes a little more appealing.

Revealed next is the conversion of Yellow’s basic street front into a full pelt bohemian bakery complete with enclosed bread display, planter boxes, white goose inlayed royal blue awnings and even a bicycle complete with basket (to carry bread, naturally). It is to be dubbed ‘La Boulangerie’, a collaboration of Grey Goose with acclaimed ‘Yellow’ Head Chef Brent Savage.

By day Yellow will serve the public as a French inspired bakery showcasing the same soft wheat used to make Grey Goose however now to craft artisan bread with the help of Luxe Bakery. By night you can experience a unique five-course degustation from Brent Savage with matching cocktails designed by Andy Wren driving home the idea of field to bottle. Whilst being complimentary by design, the menu is classically French inspired and built with some high quality Australian produce. Not surprisingly, Chef has done a very, very good job.

In order to recommend, one must first taste. I happened to have such an opportunity and believe it my duty to share such information. The things I do for you!


Balanced atop my puddle of drool is Kingfish cured in Grey Goose ‘Le Citron’ with cod roe, hidden under pickled celery strings and resting on a smear of smoked yoghurt. Whilst difficult to deconstruct by eye, the flavours presented in this dish do more than enough to make me forget I’m eating something quite healthy.

Next to me I happen to notice that Deb is struggling to finish hers so I generously offer my assistance. I reach over and cut into her Fois Gras Parfait (excuse my French!) with fermented apple, radish and red endive which I spread onto incredibly soft toasted house-baked brioche. It is beyond the creamiest thing I’ve ever had and I make my social standing clear as I clean my knife with my tongue afterward.


Months pass as we watch the other tables receive their food before us. I see meat and fish being distributed as I’m filled with gluttonous envy. I do however have a delicious ‘Grey Goose in Fashion’ to keep me company. Grey Goose,
honey, grilled lemon syrup and yuzu bitters craft more of a Tommy’s margarita than old fashioned but I’m VERY far from disappointed.

Somewhat sadly the Mahi Mahi is presented to me – I had hoped for the Beef. Praised be to Deb, she wanted the Mahi Mahi and all of a sudden it seemed the stars were aligning.

After my fork slides through the Rangers Valley Beef Tri-Tip (rare – perfect), I press my knife to the salacious red meat which appears to melt through it. I drag it through the charred onion and green garlic puree and tantalise my taste buds with arguably one of the best beef dishes I’ve ever had. Holding in tears of joy I reluctantly offer Debb a return donation which she politely declines. She does however nudge her Mahi Mahi toward me.

The Mahi Mahi sits white with pink highlights under a coat of roast carrot and Grey Goose L’Orange bisque. The fish is soft, juicy, and cooked to perfection whilst the bisque is even more flavoursome than its burnt orange shade allows it to be. Sweet with the most subtle bitter tang, it is a satisfactory compliment to its master.

Dessert Pain d’Épices with Grey Goose La Poire-poached pear and vanilla cream. The near burnt gingerbread is nestled alongside succulent pear with a part frozen vanilla cream which boasted the taste and consistency of a brûlée with a touch of sorbet. The flavours and textures clashed in the most awesomely symbiotic way. Espresso with a dash of Grey Goose L’Orange was a beautiful way to end the menu as well as kick a bit of life into my full and boozy body.

Finally to cleanse the palate is a nip of Grey Goose VX (neat) which carries some serious clarity and the most subtle taste of cognac, an obvious homage to François and his preferred nightcap.

Yellow is located at 57-59 Macleay Street in Potts Point and ‘La Boulangerie’ or not, it is definitely a must visit venue!

The Bakery will be open from Friday August 21st until Sunday September 6th from 9am-2pm weekdays and 8am-3pm weekends.

The five course degustation will be open from Friday August 21st until Sunday September 6th from 6pm. Bookings are required.


Grey Goose will also be running a pop-up bar in the space behind Yellow called “Salon de Martini” which is a lavishly designed martini bar reflecting a more luxurious insight into experiencing ‘nuit a la français’ dedicated to the martini. It will be opening its doors from Thursday August 27th until Saturday August 29th from 6:30pm-11:30pm.

Held at Yellow, 59 Macleay St, Potts Point (bakery, café, restaurant) and

Yellow House, 57 Macleay St (Salon de Martini)

Visit for further details.

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