Helga's Say It With Sandwiches

Rebecca Varidel
11th Aug 2016

"As a child in primary school I would always remember watching the ladies at the tuck shop/canteen making the different varieties of sandwiches and be utterly mesmerised at their amazing speed and accuracy in the making of each sandwich at the assembly line. I think in Australia we all have a strong connections to sandwiches because it was a fundamental part of our lives growing up. Most of us would of had a sambo in our lunchbox everyday."

"I knew it was going to be a good day when I received roast chicken and mayo sambo, cut in triangles of course! A bad day for sure when dad (bless is heart he was only trying to impress) would add beetroot, tomato and 5 day old leftover corned beef to my bread. The ultimate soggy sandwich… yuck!" shares the very lovely MasterChef alumni Justine Schofield exclusively with Sydney Scoop.

"I love sandwiches just as much as I did back then, (not including dad’s soggy variety) maybe even more so. Not only because it creates a sense of nostalgia, oh the many memories of vegemite and avocado on wholemeal or hot chips with chicken salt on soft white buttered bread but because there is an art to sandwich making and the delicious combinations are endless."

Next week in Sydney, in the name of a good cause, Helga’s is giving people the chance to show how much they care for someone special by sending them a limited edition sandwich to help them ‘Say it with Sandwiches’.

The delicious gourmet sandwich recipes have been created by Justine Schofield, who has included some of her friends and family’s favourite fillings.

For just $6 (including delivery), people will be able to choose from one of five sandwiches to be delivered to the door of a friend or loved one. All proceeds will be donated to Foodbank.

Deliveries will take place in Sydney’s inner suburbs over lunch-time from Monday August 15th until Friday August 19th.

We love doing our bit to help and we couldn't think of a nicer way than doing it with Helga's and Justine.

You can order now on >> www.helgassandwiches.com