Holy Duck - This Just Happened

Hareth Tayem
21st Dec 2016

Sydney no longer has a particular cultural signature and feel. Being the epicentre of multicultural influences, Sydney is accommodating for the fact that we are so far away to the rest of the world when the need comes up for a cultural experience. In addition to the many hubs and mini communities such as Spice Alley, we welcome Holy Duck in Sydney’s newly re-branded Chippendale now known as “Hipendale".

As you weave your way through the eerily authentic Spice Alley it only makes sense that the newly opened Chinese street diner meets burger joint HOLY DUCK has claimed Kensington St as its residency. 
This week has coincidentally been all things Asian and has made my job a little challenging - best compared to picking your favourite child. 
I imagine it would be hard to reinvent the proverbial Chinese Cuisine wheel, but to my absolute surprise, Holy Duck have done so successfully.
With basic, industrial, exposed brick style interiors with a very NYC feel, it's all about the food. Holy Duck heard me calling out its name in delight twice throughout the opening night.
Firstly I was asked to taste the appropriately named “What the Duck! Burger” which was a first for me. Priced at $16, its a Duck Pancake served as a Burger.
It's simple. It's genius. I'm honestly speechless as to why this hasn’t been done before until now…. I'm guessing it exists somewhere but it surely hasn’t crossed my path until now.
Secondly I was offered to try their signature fries. I did warn them that I knew my fries and that it would take a lot to impress me, with a confident smile the cook served me up a batch. HOLY DUCK. I thought chicken salt was the best invention and addition to fries. That was the case until these fries were served up bathed in Duck Salt… thats right… Duck salt… but wait, it's also a vegetarian duck salt! Priced at $6 a serving, this was a relief as I’m used to price inflations for all thing V or GF.
Mind. Blown.
I euphorically left the event pleasantly surprised that I had now a new thing.
The menu is affordable, innovative and quick. From the innovative Duck Spring Rolls ($5) to the Pork Burger ($15) to the Veggie Burger ($12) this menu caters for all!
Check them out www.holyduck.com.au