Koko Kawaii Art Cafe

Mimi Dang
26th Oct 2023

In the bustling heart of Chippendale, just beyond Sydney's vibrant CBD, there's a hidden gem that beckons those seeking a unique blend of artistic inspiration and delicious treats. Stepping into KOKO KAWAII Art Café feels like entering a whimsical dreamscape of pink and pastel colours, a place where art and imagination flourish. This café offers visitors a kaleidoscope of engaging activities, ensuring that everyone, regardless of their artistic background, finds the perfect outlet for their creative expression. 

KOKO KAWAII is the brainchild of Brittany McCowan, a visionary entrepreneur whose journey from an aspiring documentary filmmaker to the creator of a thriving artistic sanctuary is nothing short of inspiring. Brittany's passion for art, culture, and her unyielding dedication to the creative spirit have culminated in a place where delectable food and immersive art ambiance harmoniously coexist.

There are a range of activities to choose from such as Paint your own cookies where you paint your edible canvas to your heart's content, let your cookie dry and then savor the sweet fruits of your creative labor. At the DIY Keychain station, visitors select from an array of materials like beads and charms to design a unique and personalized keychain. It's an ideal way to accessorize your backpack or keys, or even create a thoughtful gift. If you want to start with a completely blank canvas, the Splash Room may be for you. It is a specially designed space for unleashing your inner artist with paint and brush. No prior talent or skills are required, making it an activity fit for everyone to enjoy. Alternatively, at the Pick your art wall, permission is granted to let your creative juices flow with all sorts of art and craft supplies at your fingertips. Pick up your materials in the accompanying art trolley and let your imagination run wild.

Creating works of art is hungry business and KOKO KAWAII ensures that your taste buds are tantalized with a delightful selection of traditional Taiyaki treats and specialty drinks. The Taiyaki, a century-old delicacy that combines the Japanese words "tai" (sea bream) and "yaki" (fried, baked, or grilled), is believed to bring good luck and symbolizes Japan's culinary heritage. Here you have a variety of Taiyaki flavours from the savoury ham and cheese to sweet options like oreo and chocolate custard and strawberry and custard. They’re the perfect size to snack on as you create your artwork. If you’re out of inspiration, you can draw from the beautifully decorated drinks which combine explosions of colour and flavour. You must try the Peach Lychee Jelly Pea Tea topped with whipped cream. Get lost in the juicy jelly and the mesmerizing shade of purple from the pea tea.

What began as a dream to open a stationery store and community art center has metamorphosed into the remarkable Art Cafe model of KOKO KAWAII. Here, creativity flows freely, welcoming a diverse array of visitors, from families to students, and individuals from all walks of life. Brittany's unwavering commitment to fostering an inclusive and joyful space is the very heartbeat of KOKO KAWAII.

What's more, KOKO KAWAII welcomes visitors seven days a week, starting as early as 8 am and extending until 8 pm on Thursdays. Whether you're an artist seeking inspiration, a food lover, or someone simply looking to indulge in delicious delicacies, KOKO KAWAII beckons you to embrace the joy of creativity, one delectable and artistic experience at a time.