Kubrick's Bar

Chloe Varga
28th Jul 2015

With a name like Kubrick's Bar, you wouldn’t be wrong for expecting a place crafted on the cult movie director’s cinematic scenes of a Mod Squad milk bar, fearful mannequins or a life size green hedged maze. Without a movie reference in sight Kubrick’s is anything but “kitsch” opting for a minimal, geometric residence of mellow and class.

Positioned at number 79 Stanley Street, Darlinghurst and illuminated by an aura of turquoise neon, like moths to a light passers-by are drawn into the elegance of the 60 seating small bar. A sizable window at the front of the bar makes for prime people watching real estate, a real life cinema.

Charismatic owner Timmy Maxwell described the concept behind the bar being about the ideas and concepts which shape the films-not the films themselves, resulting in an air of mystique that is just the right amount of left of centre. Asymmetrical shapes are accented throughout the interior, paired with dim lighting to cast elongated shadows that dance in the night.

Take your time to muse over the cocktail list, with a notable absence of the classics making way for inventions of the new. Explore the experimental combinations of the fruity and herbaceous, citrus and the smoky -creations of bespoke quality. Asian ingredients are prominent with the use of fresh lemongrass, sake, and galangal. Nordic tones are also present with the use of dill, black pepper and Reyka Vodka.

Stanley’s Dill Breaker is an intriguing fusion of dill, St Germaine, and muddled cucumber- it is refreshing and invoking.

Sippers will be sure to engage in escapism with the Nippon Kick On-with instant teleportation to a balmy tropical evening of coconuts, and a warm breeze, finishing with soothing notes of fragrant lemongrass infused sake.

Nineteen month old aged prosciutto and triple cream brie are some of the select meats and cheeses available to order for something on the side. As Timmy explained there is an adoption of the seasonal produce philosophy constructing an ever changing range of delights. A slice of the sheep truffle pecorino on Brickfords signature sour dough is rich in freshness and taste- would go perfectly with a matched wine from the speciality list.

A turntable sits alongside a library of vintage vinyls on the front section of the bar, with a mesh between old and new tunes playing in the background. The reoccurring theme of classic reinvented can be heard in the revised tunes of reminiscent classics served with a twist.

Creating a space that is both sophisticated and forward thinking within the competitive Sydney bar scene is evident through the refined laid back approach Maxwell has employed. To celebrate Kubrick’s 1.5th Birthday, the introduction of themed evenings is about to start, giving Sydney siders something fresh and fun to explore.

Monday nights are all about the wine and cheese, starting the week the right way. Order a bottle of wine between two and receive unlimited cheese all night. Hump day Wednesday is a fun affair of mulled wines and boardgames during the winter months. Using top quality wine matched with spices and fruits made on a secret family recipe.Thursdays are dedicated to the classic Negroni which receives a make-over by being completely mixed up, shook up and turned on its head in 15 international forms of fashion.

Kubricks Bar is open 5pm till late Monday- Saturday.

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79 Stanley Street
+61 9360 0360

Mon – Sat 5pm – late