Rebecca Varidel
12th Jul 2023


Makaveli, named after the famous Renaissance political philosopher and historian Machiavelli, symbolises rebellion and is the first venture for Sydney restaurant industry faces co-owners Jacob Hill and Phill Cooke in the hospitality industry.

Their Bondi eatery promises to serve as a home away from home, providing a warm and welcoming space for a morning coffee, an afternoon bite, or a lively evening out. The carefully curated menu includes a selection of snacks and shareable plates, designed to complement an innovative beverage selection featuring locally sourced coffee and creative cocktails.

Makaveli Co-Owner Jacob Hill shares, "Makaveli is more than just a restaurant; it's an embodiment of our collective experiences and our deep passion for hospitality. The minimalist design ethos of Makaveli allows our food, coffee, and drinks to shine, offering a vibrant, modern space that reflects the energy and spirit of our local community."

Jacob Hill and Phill Cooke, who first connected in Greece, are now using their global experiences and love for the hospitality industry to create a unique culinary experience in the heart of Bondi. The duo's diverse professional backgrounds, with Jacob overseeing the Cali Press venues in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs and Phill managing the Bondi venues for Milpa Collective, brings a distinct flavour to Makaveli.

The menu at Makaveli is a tribute to the joy of sharing food, with an emphasis on communal dining. Key menu highlights include Burrata, Kingfish Crudo, and Stracciatella di bufala.

At the helm of the kitchen is Head Chef Jessica Young, whose culinary journey spans Michelin Guide recognised venues in Scotland, East London, and now Sydney. Her commitment to seasonality and responsibly sourced ingredients will guide the menu at Makaveli.

On the direction of the food menu, Head Chef Jessica Young remarks “It's an exciting journey that delves into the rich offerings of the Australian larder, allowing us to work with the seasons and craft a delightful assortment of small plates that are meant to be shared. With a pronounced Italian influence, our menu is guided by what is currently available and at its peak freshness. We are committed to responsible sourcing and maintaining close partnerships with local suppliers to ensure a menu that entices you to order one of everything.”

Co-Owner Phill Cooke assumes the role of Head Bartender at Makaveli, with a cocktail and wine menu reflecting both his and Jacob’s shared travels and experiences. Makaveli also emphasises supporting local, independent wineries, showcasing the unique flavours and craftsmanship of Australia's wine industry.
“Each time we visited a new destination, we made it a mission to seek out the finest cocktail bars, fuelling our passion and nurturing our aspirations of one day opening our own restaurant and bar” he explains.

Key cocktail highlights include the Elderflower Spritz, Strawberry Negroni and the Charlie Chaplin along with the 2022 Venduto Bolla Rosa and 2022 Fiasco Medium Red as wine favourites.

With interior design by Imogen Reed (Bar Lucia and Taqiza), Makaveli blends sleek modern minimalism with the rich Italian ethos, creating a stylish and effortless setting that resonates with the local community.

Makaveli is now open, setting the stage for a unique dining experience that offers small plates, cocktails, and coffee through a casual and relaxed lens.