Mojo Record Bar

Chloe Varga
20th Aug 2015

Step down the staircase marked with the chalkboard up the top that says live music, veer to the left at the Rolling Stones pin ball machine and there will be a dark room filled with album covers stretching across decades. Once you pass the works of Rubber Sole, Tapestry and Conversations, open the closed unmarked door- bingo you have found cocktail vinyl nirvana.

Mojo Records Bar is located within a basement off York Street and is full of personality and an obvious passion for all things musical. Record shop at the front by day, and all party out the back at night, the quirky set up combines two of life’s great pleasures in one. Established in 2012 by Daniel McManus and Jon Ruttan, the space is designed for good times and great music to be shared mutually. Their love of music in all styles, shapes and sizes is evident everywhere you look.

Tour posters and album covers decorate the walls paying particular homage to the lyrical greats of Fleetwood Mac, The Beatles, The Doors and more recently The White Stripes. A jukebox glitters in the corner and tunes from all decades play throughout the evening.

Dim lighting studded with stars of candlelight flicker across the tables and booths which become prime real estate during Friday and Saturday nights when the bar can become pretty hectic and packed to the rafters.

Cocktails are stylised around the classics (both lyrically and liqourly) with items like Jack-O-Lantern, The Old Fashioned and Midori Vice ($17). Wines and beers are also available with a healthy list for both.

The cocktail list is subject to change as the bartenders like to get inventive with flavour combinations. Guns ‘n’ Roses is an ideal choice for those wanting a balance between the sour and the sweet. Using a mix of vodka, St Germaine Elderflower, mixed with citrus and rose syrup it packs a punch like Axel in his prime. Wanting something sweet and smooth and like Sinatra, look no further than the Old Fashioned. Keeping it simple with Bourbon, bitters and sugar this a great little number that goes down a charm.

During the week this venue makes for a great date night choice, but come weekends it’s more of a party atmosphere with the hordes of Sydney sider bar lovers. There’s electric blues every Saturday night from 7-9pm, and vinyl DJ’s in the house every Thursday and Saturday night.

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Basement Level, 73 York Street
+61 2 9262 4999

Mon – Wed 4pm – midnight

Thu 4pm – 1am

Fri 3pm – 1am

Sat 4pm – 1am