Crumble Top Dessert Bar

Rebecca Varidel
22nd May 2016

Luke Stack loves his crumble. Doesn't every Aussie? I grew up on Mum's each autumn winter. Apple, or apple and rhubarb, oats in the buttery crumble top. Home made. If you want to make your own here's her >> recipe.

Crumble is even better when someone cooks it for you. Better still when it is cooked with care and love. You can see how much love goes into his crumble when Luke Stack tells you about his new dessert bar. It's an idea he has had for quite some time. Now Sydney is flocking to Newtown to gobble up his crumbles. His dream finally became reality this month. It took Stack a year to organise the snazzy packaging, which works well for eat in and with a lid doubles up as a convenient customised take away box.

Yet beyond the packaging the most important news is that his desserts taste good. There's a huge range of bases and toppings, sauces and ice creams to DYO (design your own) special seasonal dessert. Start with fruit such as chefs recommendation cinnamon apple or make your base even lusher with sticky date pudding. Toffee sauce or lemon curd? Vanilla bean or lavender ice cream? The combo are (not quite literally) endless.

Are you vegan? No problem. In the current seasonal menu Crumble Top lists Vegan autumn fruits with vegan rolled oats and Quinoa Top finished with a side of mango and strawberry sorbet.

And if you are feeling really lusciously decadent Crumble Top has a massive creamy crème brulee and to keep it interesting for regulars change the flavour each week. Luke is also making good old fashioned banana splits!


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125 King Street

Tue – Thu midday – 9pm

Fri – Sun midday – 10pm