New First Drop Marrickville

Rebecca Varidel
22nd Aug 2023

First Drop Celebrates 20-Year Milestone with Grand Opening of Second Café in Marrickville

A delightful blend of tradition and innovation is brewing in Marrickville as First Drop, a cherished café founded by Michael Savvakis and joined by Christopher Hing, proudly announces the opening of its second location on the 20th anniversary of the business. 

First Drop's Story of Success: From Redfern to Marrickville

Opening its doors in 2003, First Drop started as a cozy corner café on Baptist & Telopea Streets, Redfern. What began as Michael Savvakis' dream for a local cafe soon turned into a community haven, offering classic breakfast and lunch dishes in a friendly environment. By keeping things simple and executing the basics at the highest level, First Drop has become a staple in the Sydney food scene.

After years of studying and casually working at First Drop, Christopher Hing, Michael's brother-in-law, officially joined in 2007 to make First Drop a family business. Christopher’s multicultural background of Greek and Chinese has influenced the menu with an appealing blend of flavours. Now, 20 years later, is set to charm Marrickville, a multicultural and diverse suburb aligning perfectly with the essence of First Drop.

First Drop's unique selling point has always been the deep connections with their customers. With both Chris and Michael personally involved in service, the café has fostered a sense of family and community. The commitment to local suppliers, combined with popular features like Redfern's Bottomless brunch, has cemented First Drop's reputation for quality.

The Marrickville location offers new options for functions and catering, all in a space that includes a large indoor and outdoor patio area. From the cherished El Clasico breakfast to the signature Home Made Beans and Deli Style Sandwiches, the menu will continue to reflect commitment to simple, honest food.

Kiara Gualtieri the 24-year-old Head Chef at First Drop, embodies the essence of culinary tradition and innovation that the café is known for. Hailing from an Italian background, her love for cooking was nurtured from a young age, sharing meals with her family and learning from her Nonna. As a result, these experiences have shaped her culinary skills and infused a rich Mediterranean influence into First Drop's menu, including adding Burrata to the Home Made Beans for a delicious cheesy flavour.

Kiara's contributions extend beyond the kitchen; you might even catch her personally delivering dishes to ensure every customer's satisfaction. Her youthful enthusiasm, deep passion for good food, and commitment to simple, classic, and honest cooking infuse the First Drop's Marrickville location with a vibrant culinary spirit.

The influence of Michael, Chris, and Kiara's love for good food shines through the menu, reflecting a diverse range of tastes and new inspirations. From small to big plates, the Marrickville menu is bound to excite the palates of the Inner West.