NEW Subcontinental Indian restaurant

Rebecca Varidel
20th Jan 2015

It's time, for a new Surry Hills Indian restaurant - Subcontinental. Well, it's NEARLY time..

“Everyone I know says, 'Where do I go for good Indian?'. The food will be our interpretation, and probably lighter than most Indian going around. While the menu will have a lot of Indian, we want to do dishes from places like Nepal and Sri Lanka as well" says restaurateur Sam Christie.

His Shortgrain and Bunker bar have closed to make way for an exciting, new Indian eatery, Subcontinental opening in 2015. (But it's still business as usual at Longrain.)

The Surry Hills area and the food scene is in a state of constant change and like Sam Christie did with Longrain over 15 years ago, he will be at the forefront again of a new wave... so stay tuned for more news, as the talented staff working with Sam Christie on his latest venture apply the same innovative approach, inspiration and passion to Subcontinental as they did at (8-10 Hunt Street, Surry Hills) Shortgrain and Bunker Bar.