How To Get PORK'D

Rebecca Varidel
18th Apr 2015

Pork'd brings the contemporary cafeteria to Sydney 2015. Grab a tray and make your way through the kitchen to select your order. Pork'd cafeteria, the newest trend in Sydney eating was inspired by a trip to Portland USA, as Chef Mark Jensen explained and that in turning the original Red Lantern of 545 Crown Street Surry Hills around in just six weeks they decided to do just one food well. Pork- in case you somehow needed that explained. Here's how to do it.

5 Steps To Get PORK'D!

1. Bags your table

2. Order your craft beer at the bar

3. Check out the menu

4. Walk through the kitchen, order & pay

5. Get PORK'D

'Piggy Plate' a chefs selection of cider pork belly, chilli bacon, porter ham hock, cheese kransky and chef pick, plus a pickles beans and a bread roll sits on your diner tray for just $25. Vietnamese or American style 'Pork'd Roll of the Day' is just twelve bucks.

Jensen is about to receive his first whole free range Berkshire delivery from Orange. If that isn't enticing enough, the yarn gets even more interesting when you learn that the farmer is just 9 years old. Understandably there'll be a surcharge for the extra ethics.

Owners talented Mark Jensen and energetic restaurateur wife Pauline Nguyen have partnered with Mick Bain from The Royal Albert so there's also a wide range of craft beers. And with pork, you know there's just gotta be craft cider. There's even cider in a tinnie. Publican Bain has also expanded the beverages to what he sees as the next big bar thing, Aussie craft spirits.

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