Product Review: Seaweedery

Jackie McMillan
21st May 2024

Last weekend was all about Seaweedery prawn oil ($25). Made using my favourite sustainable Skull Island Tiger Prawns, this bright red oil adds a roasted prawn flavour to any dish. We tried drizzling it over and through dashi scrambled eggs topped with MbK For Life - Mystery Bay Kelp. Australian Seaweed umami sprinkle (made on Australian seaweed from Mystery Bay) to good effect. After a visit to Sydney Fish Market for supplies, we also found a drizzle of prawn oil added extra oomph to our favourite weekend indulgence: uni scrambled eggs with an uni-topped Silver Creek Sourdough crumpet. The best use I found for the prawn oil was drizzled over grilled scallops served on the shell.

I also tried Seaweedery’s seaweed vinegar ($25) which, with its big kick of apple cider vinegar, dwarfed Pacific oysters from Batemans Bay but worked very well against the creamier more vegetal Sydney rock oysters from Merimbula. I wanted more flavour from the wild hand-harvested Australian golden kelp, but that could be because I’m used to eating the more robust Japanese kombu or the Mystery Bay Kelp dried seaweed sprinkle that delivers more umami.