Rosie Campbell's New Bar

Charlotte Lewis
2nd Aug 2015

Having just opened three weeks ago, Rosie Campbell's has already had its fair share of fully packed nights. The people behind The Soda Factory decided to open up another eclectic bar, and went down the road of Jamaican. It makes sense, really. Think of how many other Jamaican bars there are in Sydney. Not enough, that's for sure.

With the tagline being "Everything's Rosier With Rum!", you'd be silly to expect tequila or vodka taking up the menu. Instead, Rosie Campbell's offers a whopping 35 different rums, alongside eight rum-filled tropical cocktails. The worst thing you could do is order something other than rum. You'd be missing out on the experience of going to a rum bar. It's like going to a craft beer place and ordering a soft drink, or (worse) just water. It's just not done.

It's hard to miss Rosie Campbell's, as it takes up a good chunk of the corner on Campbell and Crown Streets in Surry Hills. The staff are friendly, the service is fast, and the food is full of flavour. And there's so much to choose from, whether it's the jerk chicken burger (a favourite), or the slow-cooked pork belly ribs (affectionately named 'Dem Belly Full Jerk Ribs' on the menu). It's pretty tough not to fall in love with this bar.

It may be a cold winter in Sydney, but it's a tropical summer at Rosie Campbell's. From the strategically placed pineapples and the different designs on each table, to the rum-tastic desserts (yes, seriously), the place feels incredibly warm and inviting. The service is Americanesque, with the waitresses coming over and announcing that they will be looking after you for the evening. And if you want an extra sauce with your meal? No worries. Don't want the jalapeno sauce with your meal? No worries. It's all "No worries" here.

The jerk chicken burger has the texture of a well-cooked steak and the flavour of, well, jerk chicken. The cocktails are tropical and full to the brim with rum, so if you're feeling cold, just take a quick holiday to the coast of Campbell and Crown, and get that Jamaican resort feeling without even having to take a plane ride.

The place has a lot of character, with 'Choose Jerk Not Werk' written on the wall inside, and 'Sweet Tings' written on the door to the bar. Now if that isn't awesome, I don't know what is.