The Lamington Baklava

Rebecca Varidel
16th Jan 2023

On 26 January, celebrated Sydney chef Peter Conistis will be serving up one of Australia’s most iconic and loved desserts, the Lamington and giving it a unique South Aegean twist at his stunning venue on the sparkling Sydney harbour foreshore - Ploos.

Like all except our First Nations Australians, Peter Conistis has a migrant heritage and represents both his homes in this dessert. The Lamington Baklava will be a ‘one-off’ limited edition dessert that’s both sweet and crunchy and inspired by his Greek heritage and upbringing in Australia.

"I decided to combine my mother’s Greek Baklava with the iconic Australian Lamington, as I really love both. As I’m always pushing the boundaries, I think I’ve created a near perfect synergy of two dessert-classics” the chef advised.

Conistis has composed the Limited Edition ‘Lamington Baklava’ as a dark chocolate, almond and coconut layered Baklava, doused in a coconut syrup, covered in dark chocolate and toasted coconut, served with roast coconut and chocolate ripple ice cream.

Ploos dessert menu for Australia Day will feature two quintessential Australian classics; Peter’s take on the Lamington and also his ‘Wagon Wheel’.

In direct view of our glorious harbour across to the Sydney Opera House, Ploos meaning ‘sails’ is located ready to enjoy the range of events, activities and shows taking place in and around Sydney Harbour courtesy of the City of Sydney.