Sayulita Lane Cove

Rebecca Varidel
12th Feb 2023

Sitting beside the Lane Cove Village Green gives Sayulita Mexican Restaurant a refreshing and relaxing outlook. This week Sydney Scoop attended the Sayulita relaunch party to taste the new Mexican menu carefully curated by Chef Luis Zaleta.  Born and raised in Mexico City, Zaleta prepares his food with love.

Sydney Scoop total favourites at Sayulita include Totopos (hand cut tortilla chips) with guacamole - a must start with your cocktails.

And speaking of cocktails, our night started with 1800 Tequila signature cocktails, their 1800 Tommy’s and 1800 Spicy Margarita on the back walkway behind the restaurant, which gave us time to catch up with old friends and new. Simon Leong the founder of Sydney Food Bloggers facebook group has been a food influencer with our own Rebecca Varidel (me) since 2009. The party was also filled with plenty of lovely new faces including the local Lane Cove news In The Cove. So dinner conversation was fun and lively.

Another must have starter is Elotes, charred corn, queso fresco, chipotle and coriander. So much better over the fire.

Can you taste the soft tortillas wrapped around the fried halloumi? Or those must-have prawns!

Desserts are all awesome (yes we tried them all) but that classic, Churros with Ducle de Leche is a must have no matter how full you are. We command it. Find that other stomach.

Big Applause. The Mexican Restaurant in the Lane Cove the Eat Street strip at The Canopy tops the list in understanding the meaning of hospitality. Service was superb. Smoothly overcoming some grumpy customers, we observed. Nothing was too much trouble.

Just like the namesake Mexican seaside town of Sayulita, their restaurant is kissed by the salty simplicity of a sweltering afternoon in Mexico. And yes we need more of those kind of days in Sydney, don't we?