Sefa Kitchen Golden Feast

Mimi Dang
25th May 2023

A Decade of Culinary Excellence: Sefa Kitchen's Golden Feast

In the heart of Bondi, an iconic Sydney suburb renowned for its vibrant dining scene, lies Sefa Kitchen, a Middle Eastern gem that has been captivating food enthusiasts for a decade. As the restaurant prepares to celebrate its milestone 10-year anniversary, it invites diners on a week-long culinary adventure, aptly named the Golden Feast. From 24 May to 17 June, Sefa Kitchen will delight guests with a lavish 6-course degustation menu, featuring a touch of gold in every dish.

Sefa Kitchen was founded by Utku Ayhan, a passionate restaurateur hailing from Istanbul. Fuelled by his love for food and a desire to create a dining experience like no other, Utku left behind a corporate career to pursue his culinary dream of offering cuisine from the ancient Mediterranean region of the Middle East, known as Levantine. Sefa opened its doors in the time when this cuisine was still less known and Yattam Ottolenghi was only just gaining fame. Despite this, it has carved its place in the hearts of the locals and watched for a decade as the streets and shops changed around it.

At the heart of Sefa Kitchen's philosophy is a commitment to local, sustainable, and community-driven dining. The restaurant effortlessly blends rustic and sophisticated elements, delivering dishes that reflect the essence of traditional Middle Eastern cooking in the form of meze—a communal style of enjoying food. It’s an intimate dining space that transports you to a place that feels foreign yet homey at the same time. 

Now, as Sefa Kitchen reaches its remarkable 10-year milestone, the restaurant is pulling out all the stops with the Golden Feast. You don't want to miss this exclusive dining experience showcasing a tantalizing 6-course degustation menu with each course featuring a luxurious touch of gold. Among the standout dishes are the beef nayyeh tartare with pine nuts, pickled radish, gold leaves, and golden leek crisps, as well as the braised oxtail giouvetsi with flaked gold, kritharaki pasta, charred eggplant purée, butter toum, and golden pangrattato. These delicately crafted creations are the masterpieces of Chef Mohamed Kharboush, an Egyptian-born culinary expert specializing in Levantine, contemporary Mediterranean, and North African cuisines.

To complement the culinary delights, each course of the Golden Feast will be expertly paired with wines from From Sunday Wines. Known for their light, fresh style and commitment to sustainability, these wines perfectly complement the menu and the laid-back, coastal lifestyle of Bondi Beach, further enhancing the dining experience.

As Sefa Kitchen celebrates its milestone anniversary, the team takes a moment to reflect on the incredible journey and extend gratitude to the community that has supported them along the way. Utku expresses his appreciation, saying, "We are incredibly grateful to everyone who has been part of this journey over the last 10 years. From our loyal customers to the amazing staff who work tirelessly every day, it is because of them that we have achieved this milestone. The Golden Feast is our way of celebrating this occasion in a truly memorable fashion. I am excited to see what the future holds for Sefa Kitchen, as we continue to keep the menu fresh, the service friendly and professional, without any unnecessary fuss. We look forward to creating more unique and unforgettable dining experiences for our guests."

Golden Feast @ Sefa will run from Wednesday 24 May to Saturday 17 June and includes a 6 course degustation with matching wines From Sunday Wines and will cost $95pp plus $50pp to add matching wines. Bookings are essential.