Speyside Scotland Comes To Sydney

Mimi Dang
30th May 2024

For a limited time, whiskey lovers can enjoy a little piece of Speyside Scotland, right in the heart of Sydney with Grain Bar’s newest collaboration with Glen Moray Whisky.

For those unfamiliar with Glen Moray, their smooth, fruity single malt whisky has expertly captured the timeless “Speysidestyle” since 1897. With skills passed through the generations, their craftsmen are known for maturing and blending many different types of casks to create a parade of flavours that can be enjoyed on its own or in a cocktail. Double distilled in copper mills, their whiskies are crafted on the banks of the River Lossie as it has been for 125 years and will excite aficionados and new whisky drinkers alike.

Glen Moray kicked off their 2024 campaign with an exclusive Whisky Masterclass as part of Sydney Whiskey Month. In its second year of running, what better venue than the iconic Grain Bar in Sydney’s CBD. With its timbered walls, dim lighting, and decorative miniature casks, it only feels right to be cozying up with a whisky as the days grow colder.   

Hosted by Global Brand Ambassador Iain Allan and local rising star in the bartender scene Judith Zhu, this expertly curated event whisked the audience on the journey through Glen Morays classic and new innovative flavours. ‘We’re delighted to be back in Sydney for the second year running’ said Iain Allan, ‘the mix of top-quality whiskies from our explorer range alongside a variety of Australian native ingredients has led to a really exciting masterclass’. Guests were treated on entry with a refreshing cocktail featuring Glen Moray’s Classic Cask blended with lemon myrtle which served to highlight the citrusy notes within the whisky – a delightful starter. Then began the tasting of Glen Moray’s Cask Explorer line, featuring a selection of whiskies aged in Port, Chardonnay and Shiraz casks along with the story of how Glen Moray infuses these stunning flavours from cask to glass. They pride themselves on utilizing interesting casks to add different flavour profiles to their whiskies. It was perfectly paced, beginning with the younger more accessible whiskies then leading to the stronger ones imbued with depth of flavour.

Turns out the Australian love for Shiraz wine is well known with Glen Moray’s Shiraz Finish whisky launched as an Australian exclusive, currently available at Dan Murphy’s.  Shiraz lovers can savour the delectable notes of rose and red berries. Judith’s version of the classic whisky sour cocktail paid homage to this unique Shiraz cask, pairing this whisky with lemon and strawberry gum and aromatic bitters.

This masterclass also marked the launch of two limited edition whiskies available in Australia online at The Whisky List: Roija Cask Finish and Peated Roija Cask Finish. The Roija Cask is distinctly from Spain’s prominent wine region with delicate notes of fruity plum and chocolate. The Peated Roija has a smoky and almost umami tinge to its flavour profile. Spending eleven years in a bourbon cask and finishing its final two years in a Roija cask has also infused this whisky with cherry chocolate, coffee and roasted nuts. With such depth of flavour, it has one of the highest alcohol contents in the range and befitting in Judith’s native take on an old-fashioned cocktail. It was an ideal nightcap that played well with the peat, encapsulating the sweetness of wattleseed with walnut and orange bitters.

Glen Moray is to be commended for its ability to encapsulate old, classic flavours as well as venture into uncharted territory. Sydneysiders will be pleased to know that Glen Moray will be available until the middle of July and available exclusively at Grain Bar: from 24th May to 16th June as part of their ‘Fireplace Seduction’ experience and taking honorary place as the bar’s ‘Spirit of the Month’ between 17th June to 14th July. With the Sydney Vivid festival in full swing, Grain Bar is the perfect location to start or finish the night with a warming sip of Glen Moray.

Grain Bar
199 George Street, Sydney, 2000