Spring Bees Knees High Tea

Rebecca Varidel
3rd Sep 2023

Sheraton Grand Sydney Hyde Park welcomes spring with a High Tea menu infused with the freshest honey from the hotel’s Rooftop Bees’ first harvest. 

Sydney Hyde Park partnered with Rooftop Bees in June this year marking a significant milestone in the hotel's commitment to sustainability. Two beehives were installed on the hotel's rooftop, housing 120,000 honeybees. The location provides an ideal environment for the bees to thrive, with a 5km roaming radius and an abundance of flowering plants in direct connection to the neighbouring Hyde Park.

Spring is here so Sheraton Grand Sydney Hyde Park is celebrating with a new seasonal high tea collaboration with Poor Toms. Guests can enjoy the Bees Knees cocktail with Poor Tom’s gin, fresh pressed lemon and honey from the bees first harvest. 

The Spring High Tea signature High Tea menu is infused with the freshest honey, straight from the rooftop. The menu boasts savoury options including honeyed Goat’s curd with Pickled Fig Crostini, Lemon Honey Chicken apple salad slider, and sweet desserts including their classic Raspberry Mascarpone Honey Cream Eclair with rose petals.

Spring High Tea is available from September to November, daily from 11.30am to 3pm.