Baby It's Cold Outside

Rebecca Varidel
4th Jun 2015

Five Ways To Do Soup This Winter

Sydney looks set to have one of our coldest winters in close to a hundred years. Even if it doesn't get that radical, baby it's still cold outside. Now that the chill has set in the air, one of the best ways (apart from cuddling) is to warm the heart and the tummy with soup. So. From casual daytime eateries to pubs to top restaurants, here's our pick of five sensational Sydney soups for this season.

Pork Tail and Five Spice Consommé $16 - Dragoncello

Chef Roy McVeigh announced the start of the season a couple of weeks back with his soup sensation. Consommé - that rich clear classic - is the jewel in the crown when well crafted, as here. Add, the contemporary ingredient update to the traditional technique to create the best of modern Australian and Sydney cuisine. Gossip has it the soup will stay on for the season, until the menu changes with the new restaurant extension upstairs. Then he'll be headlining an onion and yoghurt soup. "When you try it, it will change your world" McVeigh declares.

466 Cleveland St, Surry Hills +61 2 8399 0907
from 5pm Wednesday to Sunday for dinner

Matzoh Ball Soup $10 - Brooklyn Boy Bagels

Confession: there's no soup on the menu. Yet. Not Yet. A little whisper (from Brooklyn born owner operator Michael Shafran) told us that now that his Matraville shop has opened he's working on new menu items with Copper Mill Chef Hugh Piper.

"Going to play with a matzoh ball soup next week" Shafran announced in my facey stream. Further questions revealed it should be ready in a couple of weeks, and offered with a half bagel.

Brooklyn Boy Bagels
448 Bunnerong Road, Matraville +61 2 8540 4595
7am - 3.30pm seven days

Mushroom Soup $27 - Regatta Restaurant

The simple menu title is misleading. If you were going to eat soup anywhere in Sydney this could be the pick. Regatta is the best bet not only for the stunning harbour view but also for this. With the rich and deeply satisfying seasonal mushroom cream comes more decadence than we deserve. Take that back. We deserve this. Yes. The king brown soup is poured at the table over gorgeous charred Moretan bay bugs. That's luxury in itself. On the side of the bowl, is the most decadent accompaniment of pork belly buttered toast. Add this soup to your bucket list, do this before you die or, before they take it off the menu.

Regatta Rose Bay

594 New South Head Road, Rose Bay +61 2 9327 6561
From 6pm Wednesday. From midday for lunch and dinner Thursday to Sunday.

Brodo di pecorino and fregola $28 - Pilu At Freshwater

"We have had brodo (broth in English) on the menu for a very long time. It's always there, we just change the vegetable according to the season. At the moment we serve it with fregola, pumpkin cavolo nero and pumpkin seeds. It is made with cheese, two different sheep milk cheese and Grana Padano and water, infused for about two hours." Head Chef Matteo Zamboni explained.

You know you want it! Pilu At Freshwater is an incredible Italian destination dining. Now. It's also destination soup.

Pilu At Freshwater
Moore Road, Freshwater +61 2 9938 3331
From midday seven days for lunch. From 6pm Tuesday to Saturday for dinner.

Daily Special $10 - Dove & Olive

A pub is a perfect place for a filling bowl of soup. Once, on a budget, I've travelled a British winter on hearty pub soup. Back in Sydney, we've tried the first of the offerings of the season here at the Dove & Olive, a steaming bowl of chunky minestrone, served with a generous three slices of dark rye toast. Minestrone may not be on the menu when you visit for lunch or dinner. There will be a soup during all the colder months, as a blackboard special, and the soup will change daily. Enjoy!

Dove & Olive
156 Devonshire Street, Surry Hills +61 2 9699 6001
From midday seven days for lunch and dinner.