Zambo Is Coming

Rebecca Varidel
12th Sep 2016

Chef Matteo Zamboni is known to us for his innovative Italian food. As Head Chef at Pilu at Freshwater, Zamboni introduced a younger more dangerous energy to the menu of one of the top restaurants in Sydney. It was more than exciting. It was exhilarating.

Now Zamboni is shortening his name as the door plaque to his own restaurant.

"Zambo restaurant will serve a modern Italian culinary experience. There will be two options for the menu - four or six courses - both allowing flexibility as there will be the opportunity to choose from a number of dishes" Zamboni disclosed.

"The idea at Zambo is to get inspiration from the classic Italian dishes and play around with textures and flavours. At Zambo we will cook familiar dishes presented in an unfamiliar way. There are so many options to be creative with Italian food."

"It is an exciting time in Crown Street for Italian food lovers with a colourful variety of options where to dine. Zambo restaurant will hopefully be a great addition."

We grabbed a first look behind the builders and painters, mops and vacuum cleaners, at 355 Crown Street in the premises where acclaimed restaurant Marque was entrenched for nearly two decades.  The countdown is on.

"We are planning on opening the doors of Zambo restaurant for dinner on the Wednesday, 21st of September."

Zambo will be open from Tuesday to Saturday dinner and from Thursday to Saturday lunch. At Sydney Scoop we're hoping this is the start of another Sydney love affair and the making of another Sydney restaurant institution.