Baby Dragon Bar

Jackie McMillan
3rd Dec 2023

Showing great commitment to creating a transportive experience, Baby Dragon Bar in Enmore is worth a look. We were personally welcomed in by mixologist, Quinton Seeto, who took us through a cave-like corridor of dripping greenery to our pre-booked table. This bar is a visually impressive space, like a movie set complete with waterfalls, vibrant projections and a sakura tree in full bloom. Being first in the bar, Seeto gives us a free pass to order Earth Wind & Fire ($26), a warm swirling mix of Beenleigh copper pot rum, vanilla and chocolate liqueurs and absinthe, finished off with orange peel and a little grated dark chocolate. While it’s not one of the happy hour specials (which are not two-for-one, just 49 per cent off by NSW Government decree) it is a fiery bit of table entertainment that leads to an enjoyable drink. 

We become more adherent with the rest of our selections as the small bar fills up around us. Golden Ganesha ($24) is my pick of the list, especially if you like salted caramel. It teams banana-infused Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey with salted caramel and old-fashioned bitters then tops it off with a salted banana crisp. A Fiery Kiss from Rati’s Lips ($24) is basically a spicy margarita update. Made with chilli-infused mezcal, vanilla liqueur, chilli, saffron, pineapple and lime it was a little bit sweeter than I was expecting. I preferred the way they have meddled with the Long Island iced tea. Their Lost Island Iced Tea ($26) takes the usual vodka, white rum and gin, and throws in some absinthe and orange liqueur balanced by lemon, lime and mint and lengthened with house-made dragonfruit soda. It’s all too easy to drink. With a high level of hosting, and effective table service, I would definitely return to do more than just drink.