Butterball BBQ

Jackie McMillan
8th May 2024

Joey Sergio and Sandra Cook operate like a well-oiled machine as they set up a pop-up BBQ outside their charcoal chook shop. Butterball BBQ in Earlwood is well-loved by the locals. As they work, the pair greet most of those walking past by name, copping a fair bit of (good-natured) razzing. The crowds descend for their cash-only street-side souvlaki, which on the day I dined, included chicken ($5/stick), pork ($6/stick) and, my favourite, lamb ($6/stick). We consumed the latter as a wrap ($11/wrap). 

Made right in front of us on warm pita, the wrap was a vibrant collection of tangy pickles and crisp vegetables that showcased not only the tender lamb pieces, but also the excellent connections this little chook shop has with its produce suppliers. Everything here is freshly cooked and immaculately presented, tempting me into foccacia ($2/slice) and spinach pie ($7.50/slice) to take home. We ate our souvlaki on a streetside table with frosty mugs of Young Henrys tap beer ($8.50) so we could watch the floorshow: Joey dissecting crisp-skinned porchetta ($16) onto springy slabs of house-baked focaccia. 

Be warned, this chook shop is super popular with locals so tends to sell out by tea-time. We were caught unawares when we returned at 6pm on a rainy weeknight to try their charcoal chicken. Next time!