Dumplings & Beer

Rebecca Varidel
31st Jan 2015
$2.50 - $9.00

There are four types of dumplings on offer at the hole-in-the-wall Kings Cross eatery. On the menu at Dumplings & Beer, there are Pan-fried Pork and Cabbage dumplings, Steamed Prawn Dim Sum, Scallops and Chives, and Sing Lung Boa (steamed dumplings with soup inside). When they come to the table, served in the steamer, the dumplings sit on a steamed lettuce leaf (so you can eat that too) and don't get stuck (as they often do) on paper. The Pork and Cabbage dumplings are nicely fried, on one side. All are delicious and only eight or nine bucks a serve. But there's more. The little two-storey hole in the wall has an additional offering of two gluten free gow gee: steamed vegetable or prawn & chives.

Plus, there's three lovely fluffy steamed buns. We greedily whoofed down a couple of each after our fill of dumplings, as well as a couple of the Duck Wraps ($9 for 3). Dumplings & Beer are also geared up with Crackling Pork Belly Sliders or a vegetarian Eggplant & Tofu Wrap. And there a couple of greens available as sides: Bok Choy with Garlic or Broccolit with Oyster Sauce. Soy and a decent sweet chilli sauce at the ready.

Tables and the bannisters are wrapped in Chinese newspaper. The room is lit by Shanghai style red lanterns and an elegant chandelier and for a modern touch the wall above the door screens Chinese movies. It's a little bit hip and little bit cosy and decidedly affordable, with corkage for BYO wine $5 a bottle. By the way, the transfer of liquor license isn't through yet, so beer also needs to be BYO right now (but there's no charge when you bring your own until Dumplings & Beer can serve their own).

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Shop 2, 9 Ward Avenue
Potts Point
+ 61 2 9380 4774

Mon – Sun midday – 10pm