Jessica Rayner
28th Aug 2015
$8 - $15

When we walked out of Kings Cross station, it was chucking it down with rain. As we rounded the corner of Bayswater Road, clinging to our umbrella, Friggitoria was lit up so bright, it was like a beacon calling us in out of the cold.

Once we’d sat down with Flavio, the owner and brains behind Friggitoria, we found out this was actually his intention. He designed and furnished the entire space with his girlfriend and business partner in a matter of months with a very distinct finish in mind. From the matte, chalky plastering on the wall and the ambient down lights from above to the Italian goodies on display at the counter and the delicious smells wafting out of he kitchen, everything about Friggitoria is inviting.

Primarily, Flavio designed this little eatery as a take-away with sturdy cardboard containers wrapped up in newspaper. However, if you fancy taking your time and sampling everything on the menu (a real danger!), then there are a few chairs and tables scattered around inside for you to perch at while you nibble away.

The menu is short, sweet and simple. When we sat down to have a chat with Flavio, he said that he wanted Friggitoria to offer straight-forward and simple street food to the masses. ‘No one in Sydney is doing this’, he told us. ‘There are plenty of good Italian restaurants you can go to but this is something different. Like the street food they sell at home in Naples.’

Starting at the age of 15 in his Italian home, Flavio has been travelling the world, cooking in some of the best restaurants in London and now Sydney. He’s always got a project on the go but opening somewhere like Friggitoria has been a long-term dream.

We started off with some Aracini to share and I loved watching my boyfriend’s face lit up when he saw what was inside the breadcrumbed crust. The flavours were fabulous and it was the perfect size to share.

On Flavio’s recommendation, we moved onto a Pizza Fritta, where the dough is fried instead of baked which produces a totally different flavour and texture. Topped with cheese and fresh tomatoes, it was a foodie delight and very filling! A lot of thought has gone into the portion sizes to ensure that while you get your fill, all the items can be taken away and eaten on the go.

Next up was a parmigiana – layers of oven baked and bread crumbed eggplant with mozzarella, tomato and ricotta cheese. This was absolutely fantastic and even won over my eggplant snob of a boyfriend. The cheeses complement the softness of the eggplant beautifully and the tomatoes were crazy fresh. Just make sure you eat it quickly as it can get a bit soggy from all the sauce.

Just when we thought we had eaten our fill, Flavio tells us he has a surprise and brings out a Nutella Pizza Fritta. Not officially on the menu but the regulars’ favourite, it was a little pocket of chocolately indulgence and was the perfect little round off to our meal. Just a note: eating with your hands is widely encouraged!

Friggitoria is an absolute gem in Kings Cross and is certainly worth a visit whether you’re looking for something new, need a quick fix or have been locked out (you never know nowadays!).

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6/12 Bayswater Road,
Potts Point
+61 2 8540 4357

Mon – Sat 11.30am – 11pm

Sun 11.30am – 9pm