Hà Nội Quán

Jackie McMillan
24th Mar 2023
$12 - $20

Crisp and dry deep-fried dishes sets Hà Nội Quán apart from a bewildering array of small restaurants lining Beamish Street in Campsie. It is part of a two restaurant operation with another restaurant in Marrickville. In Camspie it’s a large, simply decorated space with brown bistro tables adorned with three different types of chilli sauce. We put them to good effect across chá tôm ($12), crisp prawn rolls presented on vermicelli noodles with their own sweeter style of chilli sauce. They’re tasty though I find my chopsticks leaning toward chà mực ($12) where chewy squid cakes are dragged through their own sweet red sauce. 

Gà rang muối ($20) or salt and pepper chicken is equally good: well-drained of clean oil and excellent with the dark pot of chilli sauce on the table or the bottle of sriracha. Eaten over savoury cơm chiên gà ($15)—chicken fried rice—it’s a tasty, simple meal particularly when balanced by some greens: we opted for stir-fried kang kong with garlic ($14). Dậu hủ thiết bản ($20) spits and sizzles its way to our table, with friendly staff making sure we’re aware not to touch the superheated cast iron fish-shaped dish. Frozen baby peas, corn and carrots are put to good effect in this sizzling fried tofu dish protected from drying out by an egg wash at the base of the dish. Hà Nội Quan delivers good tasty food at the price point, with complimentary tea on the tables and BYO warmly welcomed.