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Leanora Collett
18th Apr 2015

With an extensive range of craft beers and tasty grub, the Keg & Brew is a great place to grab a drink or bite to eat with colleagues, friends or a date- if you are prepared to get a little messy.

Walking into this intimate pub, you are immediately greeted by the large taxidermy Moose, Bison and Reindeer heads mounted on the walls. The deep buttoned leather sofa, chesterfield, runs along the walls paired with tall wooden bar tables. The punters are mixed, after work drinkers, groups of friends out for dinner and a couple eating burgers by the bar. The bar staff are also worth a mention, friendly and accommodating every need.

The Keg & Brew is all about "Bourbon, Beer and Bites" so lets get straight into it.


A row of empty bourbon bottles sits above the bar, beneath that is a blackboard with the specials on tap. The Keg and Brew features a growing list of 30 different bourbons and Tennesse Whiskeys. Here the bourbon is served five ways, neat, on ice, or as one of three traditional Bourbon cocktails.

For just $15, it’s worth checking out the 'KB Old Fashioned' with bourbon and bitters with orange, maraschino cherry. Locals also rave about 'The Gold Rush' with Wild Turkey spiced bourbon sour with honey or the 'Manhattan' with sweet vermouth, bourbon whiskey, bitters, maraschino cherry, orange.

To top it off you can order a 'Kentucky Bourbon Black Angus Rump' a cut of grain fed Australian Angus lean cut beef, crispy bacon. Wild Turkey 86.8 infused sauce with french fries, organic green leaves. Yum!

A paddle of beers

The Keg and Brew boasts they have the highest number of beers available per metre of floor space in Australia with 33 beers and ciders on tap. The brews on offer range from local craft beers, new creations and the old favourites. The tap list is constantly changing, if you need to know head to their Facebook page for the current brews on tap.

It would take many sit-downs to taste test each of the craft beers on tap at the Keg and Brew. Even still, as each keg runs dry a new one replaces it, keeping the list of beers on offer new and varied. One of the best ways to sample a few new beers is to order a paddle and let the bar man decide. Here is one selection…

Beer one on this paddle is 'La Sirene’s Florette', a take on Witbier a white beer from Belgium, with a fruity taste that sits lightly on the palette.

4 Pines Brewing Company teamed up with a few Keg & Brew and Dove & Olive barmen to create 'Ale Pacino'. Ale Pacino is light with caramel and citrus tones on a malt background. The flavours are subtler in comparison to the classic pale ale, which has a full-bodied malt flavour.

The 'Waldorf Amber Ale' from Batch Brewing Company is pumped through a nitrogen tap, pouring like a Guinness with a delicious creamy finish.

To celebrate Easter, the Keg & Brew put on a selection of hoppy beers with caramel and dark chocolaty flavours. The 'Holgate Brewhouse’s Temptress' is still on tap, a porter with a sweetness that hits you and then the bitter chocolatey tones linger on the tongue.


The Keg & Brew has released a new range of delicious burgers to compliment the existing range of grill and grub. The traditional steaks and chips have been spruced up with some bourbon and beer flavour infusions. While most would peruse the list and head to the house favourites 'Kentucky Bourbon Black Angus Rump' or the 'Monster Chicken Parmy', there is a new reason to check out the Between Bread menu, traditionally featuring the mouth watering 'Pulled Pork Po’ Boy' and now the new burger range.

The 'KB Burger' with a black angus beef patty, caramelized onions, gruyere cheese, bacon, aioli and tomato relish on a brioche bun will always remain a classic at the Keg and Brew. It’s time now to taste-test the 'Soft Shell Crab BLT' the most surprising burger with fried soft shell crab, bacon, lettuce, tomato &; wasabi mayo on a brioche bun &; shoestring fries.

You might not think the 'Soft Shell Crab BLT' would be your first choice when there are beef, chicken and lobster burgers available. Put that aside and you are left with crispy and succulent fried crab, the traditional BLT flavours and then a hit of wasabi mayo. That’s right people, wasabi infused mayo and it is better than you imagine. Wasabi is most commonly associated with Japanese cuisine, especially sushi, and as you eat the burger it does hit you with the tastes of sushi. Yet still giving you the taste of burger! You will find yourself dumbfounded for the first few bites, trying to wrap your head around it. It’s tasty and worth the risk of straying from the well loved chicken or beef patties.

As if that wasn’t enough to get you salivating, here are a few other menu highlights from the new burger range and classic grub menu.

Lobster Roll Slaw- lobster, radish, Japanese mayo, poppy seeds on a milk bun with shoestring fries.

Diablo Chicken Burger- fried chicken, slaw, smoked cheese & spicy mayonnaise on a brioche bun with shoestring fries

Chipotle Pork ribs- Smokey chipotle BBQ house marinated ribs, house made slaw, french fries, chimichurri

IPA Battered Barra Golden fried barrarmundi- in India Pale Ale batter with french fries, organic green leaves, spicy tartar sauce

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Mon – Sat 10am – 3am

Sun 10am – midnight