Bloody Mary's

Rebecca Varidel
6th Jul 2015
$4 - $32

I've always been a Bloody Mary girl. My Bloody Marys have been limited though to vodka and tinned juice and the trimmings, until now. It wasn't until I met Cinta Rockey that I learnt that they can be so much more. Cinta is such a devotee that she changed her bar and diner to reflect her addiction. Her bar and diner (owned and run with husband Jeremy) also, by the way, reflects her cheeky sense of humour.

But let's start with the Bloody Mary's. They serve the Classic Bloody Mary ($14) at Bloody Mary's: Ketel One vodka, tomato juice, spice mix (Worcestershire sauce, horseradish, Tabasco). Garnished with a celery stalk, of course, That's where I started. Did you know (apart from having a no booze virgin) you can sip and swill a Bloody Mary with gin (Ruddy Mary), tequila (Bloody Maria), dark rum (Bloody Pirate) or beer (Cancun). All are with Bloody Mary's own house made tomato juice. Mary's Plonk ($19) adds red wine. Or there is an uptake on the Bloody Caesar ($22) with traditional Clamato juice, spice mix, garnished with prawns, bacon, lemon and Cos lettuce. Then there is the BM Oyster Shot ($6): a Sydney Rock Oyster with vodka and Bloody Mary sauce. The pick of the Bloody Mary crop, Bloody Hell ($25) uses chilli infused vodka, adds lemon, lime, garlic, coriander root, palm sugar and fish sauce, and is topped with celery, plus a slider, a buffalo wing and a prawn!

That's only for starters. Beyond the list of Bloody Marys there are also cocktails, with classics from Mimosas and Mojitos to Margaritas (all $16), Pimms and Sangria jugs. There's Something About Mary adds refreshing strawberries, mint, cucumber and lime to Tanqueray gin. Another mint refresher The Wall ($17) adds pineapple and dry ginger ale with the mint to Sailor Jerry. Or if you want to feel like a Rockstar ($18) add ginger liqueur and quince paste to your Johnny Walker Black and top the whisky up with ginger beer.

The back of the cocktail list shows a good range of wines by the glass and beers. And that sense of Cinta humour starts the 'others' (sodas, fresh juices, Illy coffee and teas) with a Berocca, which she says she added as some mornings she needs to start her day that way.

From Victoria street tables through the long bar and diner corridor, to the courtyard at the back also reflect her humour and style with a red white and blue American theme. The taste of America and sense of humour carry through to the food too. Artisan Brooklyn Boy Bagels are offered up from breakfast, plain, with smoked salmon and cream cheese. Breakfast options include Coco Pops ($5) Truffled Scrambled Eggs ($15), GI Soldiers with soft boiled eggs ($10) Chicken Finger Sandwiches ($13) a namesake Bloody Mary's Breakfast ($15) with tomatoes, avocado, ricotta and sourdough toast, and the mother of all breakfasts The Hangover Cure ($25).

Nibbles, Small Plates, Big Plates, To Share, Sides and Sweets carry on from lunch to dinner. So you're thinking America? Good guess that there are Buffalo Wings, Boston Chowder, more bagels (this time Waldorf style chicken with celery, Spanish onions and walnuts) and the Yankee Doodle ($13) classic hot dog with tomato, pickles, sauerkraut and mustard. And what would an American diner be without a burger? The Bloody Mary's Beef Burger ($19) with lettuce, tomato, Cheddar cheese, onion, pickle and super duper truffle and parmesan fries can be supersized for an extra six bucks. Back to Cinta's humour and the burger meets SPAM. We were tempted but didn't go there, yet...

Best of all with the choice of ten Bloody Marys and the tasty American style snacks and dishes the sun comes shining through seven days a week from 8am until late with friendly warm service that will make you feel like you are having a party in your own back yard. Jeremy grew up in The Cross, apparently. Now as this couple are making the new groove in the Victoria Street side of Darlinghurst, it might be even worth moving into the neighbourhood for this one.

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