Onikki Cafe Miranda

Rebecca Varidel
21st Nov 2021

Starting our new spring/summer 2021/2022 series of best Sydney cafes and Sydney brunches. Now that we can leave our LGA, it is exciting to get out and about. So, the Sydney Scoop team has made a commitment to explore more of Greater Sydney and Regional NSW and get around to areas with which we're not already familiar. Plus, also to share some of those that we already know and love.

My first Sydney weekend exploration was to Miranda, and surprisingly from my Kings Cross Potts Point home, a straight just about one road trip of less than half an hour. Most of the way the car trip had water views. Such a lovely and easy drive. With easy street parking at the end. Just around the corner in the side street.

Arriving at Onikki we loved the spacious light and bright cafe which offers plenty of outdoor covered tables as well as indoor seating. The vibe is busy, happy and friendly.

In these times, one of the most important aspects is beyond compliance like checking in, we still want to be reassured about hygiene and cleanliness. It's little things that are big things we notice, such as the cutlery at Onikki comes to the table after we order (we've been to other venues where it is sitting on the table open to everyone else to touch) so we were grateful for this care.

Now getting down to the most important part - the food!

Fabulous menu choices. For everyone's liking. Savoury. Or sweet. And beyond the usual suspects, Onikki gives its own contemporary Greek and Mediterranean uptakes on brunch favourites. Invigorating and refreshing flavour combos. Creative use of spices underpinning not overriding.

With professional fast and friendly service, this hidden gem needs a shining star above the premises showing the way. In lieu of that here's our 4 star cafe rating. My GirlStar +1 loved her Onikki cappucini. PS Onikki is licensed too, so have a cocktail with your lunch.

1/176 Parraweena Rd, Miranda