Saran Thai

Jackie McMillan
23rd Apr 2024

Consider this more a placeholder than a review as I just popped in for a fast lunch, but there’s something special about Saran Thai in Wyoming. The Central Coast hasn’t, thus far, particularly impressed me with Asian cuisines so Saran Thai felt like a bit of an exception. Set in an ugly little strip mall, the restaurant shows a great commitment to creating a transportive experience through decor, with flowers adorning nearly every available surface. 

On the plates, you’ll find the same attention to making things as beautiful as possible. I stressed head chef Cholathee Jiemthong (Charlie) out a bit by ordering bussaba chom-sourn ($29) or chicken flower rolls. Turns out these hard to assemble rolls are usually only offered at night. They team chopped fresh chicken and colourful crisp salad inside thin egg crepes, then wrap the lot in rice paper. They’re dipped into a tamarind, sweet soy and roasted peanut based sauce that had a good kick of chilli. Along with a generously proportioned plate of yum nua ($23.90) or Thai beef salad, I didn’t even photograph because I wasn’t going to review, it made for more food than the two of us could easily finish.