The Butler Revisited

Rebecca Varidel
2nd Jan 2023

Way back in 2014 when Sydney Scoop was first launched (and I still had my newspaper Bar Fly column and international food wine travel site Inside Cuisine) the then newly opened The Butler in Victoria Street Potts Point was one the first Sydney Scoop restaurant reviews.

"The name, The Butler harks back to over twenty years ago and an iconic Sydney restaurant - that was co-owned by one of our founding Sydney French chefs Damien Pignolet - Butlers. It and Mezzaluna, that also graced the floors of 123 Victoria Street, are two of the historic culinary icons of this city."

Now under the creative hands of talented head Chef Amber Doig, today The Butler presents traditional Ibero-American techniques, methods and flavours and puts a new contemporary slant on The Butler’s shared style menu.

At the end of last year, a long slow December lunch feast offered the opportunity to try many of her dishes. All are supremely delicious, extraordinarily crafted and presented in prime eating condition. Not an easy task to deliver for a very large group on the stunning The Butler Terrace.

Our Menu To Share

Merimbula Rock Oysters

Kingfish aquachile, coconut, watermelon, baby cukes, avocado, smoked salmon caviar

Pan seared sea scallops, garbanzo bean cream, habanero, salmon roe salsa, chickpea cream

'Chorizo y papas' potato gnocchi, with grilled scampi - Chefs Special (picture featured)

Roast barraumndi fillet, celery sofrito, pistachio mole verde, pepita crumble

Lamb Barbacoa, 1200g shoulder, slow cooked in banana leaf with cucumber, olives, salsa verde, chile pasilla salsa, Greek yoghurt

Ensalada fresca, cabbage, cucumber, mint, coriander, orange, sunflower seeds

Grilled broccollini, peanut salsa macha, toasted peanuts

Butler spiced fries, guajillo lime mayo

Our group enjoyed Gin & Lychee cocktails on arrival, Taittinger NV Champagne and fine wines by the glass. This was followed by individual plated desserts and Espresso Martinis to finish.

Throughout the dishes flavour rules, complemented by little touches of feminine that just hold back on pretty and declare Amber Doig's own style. Each component is cooked to perfection, seasoned just right. Plating is a picture, textures as well as colours contrast, each dish is balanced across all aspects. For the food, we're most impressed.

Even in the peak time of December functions, busy as they were The Butler floor staff gifted their all with attentive, friendly, prompt and professional service. From a year while La Niña rains poured, but 2022 excellence in service was in drought, The Butler provides the shining light of honed professional hospitality skills that return the restaurant to its rightful focus of the enjoyment and entertainment of the customer.

The Butler receives our Sydney Scoop Outstanding Service Award for 2022.

Applause for The Butler. More than applause, a standing ovation. Add the view of the Sydney city skyline from The Terrace and we really couldn't have enjoyed a better shared plate lunch.

Overdevelopment Threatens The Butler

Third.i Development Group has proposed a seven-story apartment building which threatens The Butler Potts Point restaurant and their iconic Sydney Skyline view. The $22m development will see the demolition of the current 4 story apartment building and replaced with a new larger 7 story apartment building adjoining The Butler terrace. The development threatens the heritage conservation area which is home to the famous Victoria Street terraces that Juanita Neilson fought hard to keep. Already over 260 objections and counting have been received. You can also show your support.