The Smoking Panda

Rebecca Varidel
19th Jul 2015

First there is drink driving to contend with. Then, there is lock out. It's nearly enough to buy a bottle or two and stay home. Did I say nearly? A girl has got to have a social life. Doesn't she?

Well here's the news!

This Sydney CBD bar packs up all your cares and woes.

The Smoking Panda ticks all the boxes. (1) it is centrally located in the city and (2) it is a late opener due to the attached hotel accommodation. (3) And what's more the bar is amazing fun.

The theme is set with the Chinese decor, an elegant low lounge area, comfy booths against one wall, and bar stools, and chairs and tables that look like they are from a suburban Chinese restaurant. It's a touch kitsch, not too much, not too little, just right to get you in the mood to party.

And you can stay until sshhhh 5am (the website just says very late).

Under the hanging lanterns, any of the cocktails go down a treat. They are all delicious and all good value and start at just fifteen bucks and come with table service. That's what I want when I'm drinking. None of this getting up to go to the bar nonsense please.

The Smoking Panda cocktails equal fun. American style Bubblegum Glory (bubblegum infused vodka, fresh lemon & lime juice, bubblegum stock – served long over crushed ice in a retro milk shake glass and a stick of bubblegum fairy floss) and Dunkin' Doughnut Martini (dark rum, bourbon, fresh vanilla beans, vanilla liqueur, butterscotch liquor, doughnut syrup-served straight up in a martini glass & garnished with a mini crispy creme) are sweet pickings but the best cocktail fun of all has to be Panda Colada complete with a sparkler. Apart from signatures of the house and classic cocktails, there is also an extensive menu of spirits so you can name your poison of choice.

And the food? Well the Chinese snacks like big fat Prawn Toasts, Duck Spring Rolls and luscious juicy dumplings are perfect to mop up all that cocktail fun.

"We renovated, created and cooked and The Smoking Panda was born.

Fusing LA hip with all the charm of a retro Chinese eatery, The Smoking Panda is cool, quirky and helluva a good time.

Drop by The Hotel Coronation on Park Street for world class cocktails, a cracking wine list and irresistible pan-asian bites…

See you at the bar!