Miss Lee's

Jackie McMillan
31st Dec 2023

For a quick’n’dirty Chinese feed in Wollongong, Miss Lee’s certainly looked like the place to be. Plus, it happened to be open on a public holiday... We made two selections from a reasonably extensive but terribly photographed menu of mostly Chinese dishes. Fire chicken with cheese ($13.80) is more of a whacky fusion entry. It takes an excellent Korean dish, buldak, and makes it, well, quite boring and bland. The signature spicy style beef ($14.80) does slightly better on the chilli stakes, teaming slices of cold roast beef under a Sichuan-spiced onion and cabbage stir fry with a topper of feathered shallots and fresh ginger. It wasn’t hot enough to really need one, but you can neck a Tsing Tao ($7.80) if you happen to disagree. 

Special fried rice ($12.80) didn’t hold enough interest to be labeled special: I think I only spotted one frozen pea. Despite some effort at the front end of the space with a mural - presumably of the Shanghai girls-inspired namesake, Miss Lee — the dining room is a bit of a long and soulless eating barn with too much white light, worn booths and tables, and mismatched chairs. However with all three of their banquet menus available for fewer than twenty-five bucks per person, I suspect the high Google ratings for this venue judge it on affordability rather than the quality of the feed.