GIN GIN GIN GIN what a party!!!!

4 themed warehouse rooms each with a different cocktail plus the main Gin & Tonic bar

(not to forget totally scrumptious themed food by Studio Neon)

Most amazing of the night was the 360 main bar audio-visual immersion:  vivid light installations and an original music composition created by acclaimed Australian musician, creative and producer Ta-Ku, in collaboration with award-winning animator Sam Price. Made up of working with sonic scientist Jo Burzynska, Ta-Ku’s composition entwines layers of sound designed to shift perceptions of the palate accenting different tastes and sensations. And they did! Suggesting name change to Project Hypnosis. Oh yeah.

Project Botanicals: A Journey To The Edges of Food, Music & Imagination launched last night to celebrate the worldly origins of Bombay Sapphire’s sustainably sourced vapour-infused botanicals.

The experience is now open to Sydney-siders until Sunday tix >> here