PRIDE Fleur de Ville Royal Botanic Garden Sydney

WORLD PRIDE FLOWERS @ Fleur de Ville The Calyx

Last night Sydney Scoop were guests at the official preview and launch party for Fleurs de Ville PRIDE - a floral celebration of joy and inclusivity at The Royal Botanic Garden Sydney. The evening in The Calyx was hosted by drag queen Vanity, with awards presented to the winning florists of the 15 fresh floral mannequins paying homage to our favourite drag artists.

We ate way too much food, had a little dance to the marvellous music - disco of course! And after too much food, we had to just dance in our seats. Which was still wonderful for us rolly pollys. The open air party was tremendous fun, yet best of all of course was meandering through the floral arrangements.

Here's our fabbie photo album of the night so you can see your party pic or pretend you went along.

You can join in the fun with the floral PRIDE party with plants at The Royal Botanic Garden Sydney and explore more of their SydneyWorld Pride Amplified events here or at