Charm of Finches: Mabel And Ivy's Favourite Tunes

Dreamy folk duo Charm of Finches, comprising Melbourne sisters Mabel and Ivy Windred-Wornes, create soulful contemporary acoustic music and are regulars on the folk festival scene. The award winning siblings (aged just 15 and 18) have been performing since their pre-teens, and released their debut album 'Staring at the Starry Ceiling' in 2016.

After finishing their run at the National Folk Festival down in Canberra, Mabel and Ivy took the time to share with us some of their favourite tracks and musical influences.

Sufjan Stevens - "Fourth of July"

Sufjan is probably our favourite artist ever! He inspires us as songwriters and as producers. His arrangements are sublime and his music has a spellbinding power.

Agnes Obel - "The Curse"

We listened to a lot of Agnes Obel during the recording of our debut album. Her string arrangements are entirely contemporary and luscious. She was amazing to see live. Another spell weaver.

AURORA - "I went too far"

We adore Aurora- her voice and songwriting come from an enchanted dreamy place. She is beautiful. When we're alone at home we dance wildly to her songs.

Hildur Gudnadottir - "Baer"

Mabel's late night painting/drawing inspiration music. Also cello inspo!

Alasdair Fraser , Natalie Haas - "Nathaniel Gow's Lament for the Death of his Brother"

Alasdair Fraser and Natalie Haas are our heroes - they are inspirational teachers (our Celtic cello/fiddle playing) , plus this lament is beautiful! Ivy played it at her dear friend's funeral so has special significance.

First Aid Kit - "The Lion's Roar"

First Aid Kit were probably our first major influence and got us songwriting. We would busk their entire repertoire down the street when we were really young. This song remains a favourite.

The Mae Trio - "Caroline"

The Mae Trio (now The Maes) have inspired us to play music. Their debut album "Housewarming" contains some of the best melodies you'll ever hear.

Rowena Wise - "Then We Met"

Rowie writes killer songs, and her voice has equal parts beauty and verve! Find her debut album- it's incredible!

James Kenyon - "The Motorbike Song"

This song was our morning soundtrack for months. It's so good, it makes you wake up inspired. It's a road trip song, which we do a lot of travelling around the country to festivals. Produced by Nick Huggins, the wizard who we made our album with.

Marlon Williams - "When I was a Young Girl"

Marlon is just such an incredible singer, his music videos are often hilarious, and his album is just ridiculously good!

The Shins - "Mark Strasse"

This song satisfies our chill indie rock streak.

Bon Iver - "Perth"

Late night study listening at its finest. Perfectly balanced, mellow production.

Family of the Year - "Hero"

After seeing the film "Boy" we just had to look up this song, and learn it and sing it. It's so beautiful. So is the film.

Sufjan Stevens - "Mystery of Love"

The second Sufi song on the playlist - but he is our favourite so why not, and the film "Call Me By Your Name' is amazing too. Addictive listening.

Aldous Harding - "Horizon"

We saw her live recently- such an intriguing and stunning performer. This song is powerful.

PJ Harvey - "Silence"

We love the organic, raw nature of the track, and her voice is full of raw emotion.

Leah Senior - "You Were Not Fit For the Day"

We are in awe of Leah's talent. Her voice is so sublime and how does she write such damn great songs??

Gillian Welch - "Hard Times"

Ivy and her banjo singing this song late at night...

Angharad Drake - "Baby"

We discovered this beautiful Brisbane artist when we were shortlisted for the Frankie Magazine Good Stuff Awards alongside her. A brilliant pop-folk song. Listened to it a gazillion times.

Dan Parsons - "Bad Circulation"

Still scratching our heads why Dan Parsons isn't a hugely famous international star. Songwriting genius.

Charm of Finches perform regularly at venues and festivals around the country. Check out their website for more info and upcoming tour dates. You'll also find them on Spotify.

Photo: Emma McEvoy