Chef Eli Challenger Gives Us Five

Rebecca Varidel
13th Nov 2014

Eli Challenger dishes up some of the best fried chicken in Sydney.

We caught up with him at Rupert & Ruby in Stanley Street and Fat Rupert's Bondi Road to find out his five favourite things to do in Sydney:

1. Go skating at Waterloo skatepark

Running two kitchens can be a pretty all consuming affair and I find going skateboarding is a great release. Ripping the miniramp at Waterloo just melts away the stress and takes you to another place. Its gotta be one of the best ramps in Sydney.

2. Swimming at Clovelly beach

In summer, nothing beats an early morning swim at Clovelly beach. We used to live over there and its a great place for a pre-work swim because you can jump in from the concrete and get out at the stairs, no sand in your shorts.

3. Go for dinner at Hartsyard

Greg and Naomi are awesome people and their team/family are the cream of the crop, Gregory is one of the best chefs in Sydney, bar none. Oh and definitely save room for an Andy Bowdy dessert, next level.

4. Sunday sessions at Fat Rupert's in Bondi

Beautiful sunny corner, great people watching, live music, grassy knoll to lay out on, what else do you want? Don't forget to score a Sean Duncan original cocktail, ridiculously good.

5. Check out the art at the AGNSW with my wife, Ruby

My wife works in film and I'm a chef so its safe to say finding time together is tough. For us though, theres no better way to sneak a little time together than grabbing a coffee and checking out the Art Gallery of NSW. I love the big lumbering old classics and Ruby loves a good landscape so AGNSW always has something for both of us. The contemporary stuff is usually pretty interesting as well!