Five Super Spring Home Styling Tips

Rebecca Varidel
5th Sep 2023

Sydney are you ready! After a long winter, the warmer weather is finally upon us. And with the ushering in of a new season comes the desire to freshen up your home space with lighter and more vibrant décor. I took Monday and Friday off this week, to give myself two home decorating long weekends - which makes this a three day working week - and I'm more relaxed, and more comfortable at home already.

And here's what I've done... following celebrity stylist advice courtesy of Luxo Living - Australia’s largest boutique online furniture store – who recently teamed up with celebrity interior stylist Megan Morton to bring the dreamiest trends of the season to life in their first-ever pop-up showroom showcasing through their spring/ summer collections how to achieve a luxe home for less.

Drawing from the global moments that have impacted how we view design and the home - from lockdown all the way to Barbie dreamhouse mania - Megan has read the public’s temperature and captured the interior moments she sees dominating over the next few months and drilled then down into five key trends to keep on your radar.

Megan’s top trends, include:

Bye Bye Open Plan

2023 is seeing the reinstating of physical barriers in our personal spaces.  Australians all love an open concept home, but coming out of lockdown Megan thinks we’re going to start leaning towards a more European mentality where clever planning creates multi-functioning rooms that are both inviting and intimate.

“Open plan loves modern materials that don’t often offer any noise sensitivity,” says Megan. “With this trend, look to add soft furnishings and a plush curtain wherever you can to decrease noise echo. I love the Luxo Living Janie 2-Seater Boucle Sofa (RRP $499) for this.”

Megan also suggests evaluating what needs to be seen and what can be put away and then styling your room accordingly. For example, if you want to hide some unnecessary clutter the Luxo Living’s Aaron 160cm Entertainment Unit with Sliding Doors ($RRP 329) is a stylish storage piece that also creates separation in the room.

Colour Bombing

For too long we have opted for layered neutrals only adding subtle hints of colour as highlight afterthought. Now, however, we’re seeing colour becoming extremely prominent on the runaway, starting two seasons ago with Valentino (Barbie?!) pink and this is bleeding into our interiors as well.

If you’re nervous to try out this trend, Megan says to choose a colour that really resonates with you so that way you will always love it in your home. Are you green obsessed? Get your toes wet with the Luxo Living Bernie Bar Stools in Dark Green (RRP $229) or the Brant 2-in-1 Emerald Convertible Rocking Chair (RRP $399). Does Barbie-core still have a chokehold on you? Start with the Hopkins Boucle Swivel Accent Chair in Light Pink (RRP $379) and go wild.

“Doubling down on a colour superpower always comes across as passionate, inspiring, and very unexpected,” says Megan. “Try to think: are there more shades or hues of the one colour you love that you can use more of? Are there other textures where this colour can be achieved in throws, cushions, and art?”

Refined Comfort

Now more globally aware of our surroundings than ever, we all have a new bar for home comfort. Our interiors were once the simple domain of a few after work hours relaxing, but after a couple of years of chaos, what is important to us as WFH’ers and domestic-obsessed humans is balance.

“Living areas should wrap around us, bedrooms should envelope us, and workspaces should be practical and delightful,” says Megan. “It’s important to do a comfort audit, to every room and assess what is comfortable to you. Throw everything into question from your bed to your lighting, even look at how objects sit comfortably next to each other.”

Megan’s Luxo Living favourites to achieve comfortability in the home are the Silvina Upholstered Boucle Bed (RRP $389) and the Lyana 7-Seater Boucle Sofa Set in White Cream (RRP $1,999). The Lyana is soft, inviting, and versatile, it can seat up to seven or be taken apart to fit your room’s needs.

Decorate Responsibly

The mantra for all purchasing now relies on our love and care for the things we invest in. Choosing wisely means thoughtful consideration, not necessarily endless budgets.

Megan has three crucial steps to adopting this trend:

Start with investing in the big basics, like a bed, sofa, dining tables and patio sets as they will take up the most space and need to be well thought out. The Luxo Living’s Nuevo 4-Seater Wicker Outdoor Sofa Set ($1,089) will add a touch of comfort to your patio space, while the Joel Modern Dining Table (RRP $399) will bring your room together. Ask yourself, do you really need this, and will this last me a long time? Invest in fabrics, lighting, and art – these are the things people notice and will last the test of time. A pop of texture and glam in Luxo Living’s Bonnell Boucle Accent Chair with Gold Legs in Black is a subtle way to add some dimension to this trend.

DIFY – Do it For Yourself

In a time when you can have everything, what is it that you really want?

Want a wine fridge in your bar? Splurge for the Single Zone 45 Bottle Underbench Wine Fridge ($419).

Megan suggests finding a corner of a busy room that you can allocate just for you and letting your wildest dreams run wild.

“Overall, no decorator can help you with this. This is up to you to carve out your own love bubble as best you can with what you have. Let down your decorative guard and let it all go. Satisfying fanciful whimsy and delight only yourself. “

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