Five Best Sydney Iced Coffees

Marlo Perry
9th Aug 2016

As we're getting ready for the weather to get warmer, it's time to revisit a favourite The Five by Iced Coffee aficionado Marlo Perry.

Whether blended or poured over ice, cold coffee adds an extra kick to your morning (and afternoon, depending on how many you ‘do’ per day) and with most cafes catching on that iced coffee doesn’t equal ‘with whipped cream and ice cream’, price points are lowering to make them an accessible daily addition to your routine.

1. Tap

Tucked away in the Colonial Centre is Tap, home of arguably the best burgers in Sydney and a very decent iced coffee. How they get it so damn cold without overdoing it on the ice is a mystery – but this one will last you a good hour without turning into a warm, watered down mess. At $4.50 it has an excellent cost per sip ratio and if you like to mix things up a bit, Tap changes their beans to keep on top of the latest and best on the market.

Tap Espresso and Salad Bar
Monday – Friday from 7am

2. Opera Bar Café

Let’s face it, even if the food and drink at Opera Bar wasn’t good, their views still are and even though the wait time at Opera Bar Café isn’t long, you wouldn’t be able to complain when you have two global icons just metres away.

The Opera Bar Café is a surprisingly busy early morning hub, which offers the most tourist-friendly take away iced coffee in the Sydney CBD. It’s not just the scenery that’s perfect for out-of-towners, this iced coffee is the closest to its American counterparts as you can get. It is served icy, tall and in an Olsen-twin-friendly slushie cup. At $8, it is at the upper end of the price scale but hey, those views are priceless.

Opera Bar Café
Monday – Friday from 7 am

3. Due Mondi

At $3.50, Due Mondi in Chifley Plaza serves the cheapest of the five and probably the smoothest. It’s no frills – simply a latte with ice – served creamy and cold and by Nick, who will always remember your name and coffee order.

The line is long but moves quickly and this is a testament to how good their coffee is. The iced latte on offer has remained unchanged for the past few years and with good reason – it’s just perfect.

Due Mondi
Monday – Friday from 6:30 am

4. Mordeo

While the other coffees are served straight up, Mordeo offers the addition of either vanilla or caramel syrup. Caramel and coffee are a match made in heaven and barista, Tony, turns this daily ritual into something worthy of a whole meal so you won’t be hungry again until lunchtime. Mordeo’s iced coffee has a fair bit of volume to it so the $5.50 price point is justified and the caramel is just enough that you can manage one per day. Trust me.

Monday – Friday from 7 am

5. The Lab Café, Martin Place Circle

The Five finishes off with an entirely indulgent, sounds too-good-to-be-true Nutella Iced Coffee. Ok, so it’s not the simple latte over ice like the rest of the list, but this is unexpectedly charming coffee, balanced perfectly with the right amount of Nutella; a real triumph for something that sounds like it might be trying too hard. At $5, it’s not overpriced, either. Best drunk on Friday mornings to get you in the right mood for the weekend.

The Lab Café
Monday – Friday from 7 am