Five Pool Party Tunes

Chloe Varga
26th Nov 2016

It’s time to pull out the cossies and inflatable doughnut chairs and take a dip in these five essential pool party songs. To help celebrate the arrival of what’s looking like a very hot summer, check out each song's music video for some primo pool party inspiration. 

“Holiday” by Vampire Weekend

Everything about this track just makes you want to pack a suitcase and get to a pool, escaping the mundaneness of work life. In the song’s video, the Vampire Weekend boys gear up in their very best aristocrat attire and head to the Hollywood Hills for an elaborate, modern day LA style pool party. The clip is fun and cheeky with undertones of social commentary. 

Best played: The first time your feet hit the pool after that last 5pm before the holidays.

“Magnets” by Disclosure featuring Lorde

Sexy and mysteriously noir is the best way to describe this coming-of-age film clip for young Lorde. Set in the star spangled Hollywood Hills we see the young heroine have an affair with a married man leading to a revelation of both their dark sides. Meeting at a pool party under a magenta moon and concluding in a very interesting outcome, this pool has some stories to tell. 

Best Played: Under a full moon, toes dipped in the pool surrounded with beautiful people.

“Hey Ladies” by The Beastie Boys

Well no pool party is complete without wearing a banana yellow suit, some karate moves and jumping in with a full scuba suit - tank and all! The Beastie Boys don’t fall to disappoint in this classic groove. It’s an oldie but still reigns cool in the modern day.

Best Played: At a fancy dress pool party.

“Breathe” by Télépopmusik

Centred around a lazy day at the a resort pool, this club track's video is just classic cool. Gentle lyrics and soft shades of the sun reflect off beautiful bodies basking in the summertime goodness and, oh yes, a mysterious little child who causes some drinking problems…

Best Played: With cocktails, pool chairs, palm trees and sun... no kids! 

“Aeroplane” by The Red Hot Chili Peppers

Dancing, glitter, glam and one hot rock band, makes for one impressive pool party. Featuring synchronised swimmers and swings, this pool has it all. Vintage in its style but still effortlessly cool 20 years later.

Best Played: When you feel like dancing in the pool and donning some sequins.