Five Reasons We Love Local

Rebecca Varidel
11th Sep 2015

“We believe it’s about time local meant local again, not just Australian-grown like the other major supermarkets advertise. So we wanted to put a stake in the ground by defining local food as food that’s grown within 150km of each of our stores, to give our customers a choice to buy local and support their community” says produce hero Tristan Harris of Harris Farm Markets.

This spring, to assist New South Wales growers and help reduce shoppers’ carbon footprint, Harris Farm Markets is introducing a new Love Local section, making it easier for customers to find and buy truly local products, sourced from within 150 kilometres of each store.

The Love Local initiative includes fruit and vegetables, local dairy, spreads, eggs, bakery and other grocery items.

Five reasons we love local:

Local means seasonal

Throughout the history of regional cuisine, local recipes were developed for each season and region based on the food that could be grown and supplied in the local area at that time. Supporting local produce is a great way to embrace the dishes of the season.

Good for your tastebuds

Once local produce is picked it can be on your plate in a day or less, meaning local farmers allow the fruit to properly ripen and mature before picking, increasing the flavour and allowing nutrients to fully develop.

Good for local farmers and communities

Buying food that is grown within 150km of the store keeps food dollars in the community and local farmers in business. Harris Farm Markets aims to give their customers the choice of supporting their local economy by purchasing truly local food and produce.

Good for the environment

The average food miles travelled by an Australian shopping basket is 70,000km, the equivalent of almost twice around the world. Love Local gives shoppers the chance to dramatically reduce the carbon footprint of the food they eat by buying food that has travelled less than 150km.

Supports agricultural diversity

Large-scale commercial farms are tuned to servicing the major supermarkets and their requirement for a limited and specific range of fruit and vegetables. Local growers are often made up of smaller farmers who grow a range of heirloom varieties, adding diversity to the produce grown.

“We’re aiming to honour our responsibility as a grocer to educate our shoppers on the real stories behind where their food comes from, and how they can support their local economy by buying truly local.”

Kicking off from tomorrow, each weekend for three months Harris Farm Markets will hold a pop-up market stall outside each store. Customers will be able to meet one of the local growers and hear their story, while enjoying a 100 per cent truly local slider.

“I’m a big believer in buying truly local produce, because it’s fresher and tastier, so that’s what I stock in my restaurant every day. It’s time for shoppers to put more thought into the food they consume and the story behind that food" declares Giovanni Pilu, founder and head chef of Pilu at Freshwater, one of our top restaurants in Sydney.

For more information about the #HARRISFARMLOVELOCAL campaign and to see an interactive map detailing local farmer stories, please visit or head to your nearest Harris Farm Markets store.