Chefs Of Instagram

Rebecca Varidel
6th Apr 2015

There's been a bit of banter in the media recently about food photographs on social media. Social media is such a fantastic way to keep in contact with people you know, and to make new friends with common interests, and often that common interest is food. While those of us that eat (and isn't that all of us) share some or all of what's on our plates in photos (and isn't that great inspiration), some of the most interesting social media food photos come from our Sydney Chefs. Here's five.

1. @cfassnidge Colin Fassnidge (17.3k followers)

"Chef, part owner of 4 in Hand Dining Room & Bar & 4Fourteen. A father/biker/author/tv presenter who should not be allowed to use social media"

Don't hold me to it, but there are probably more selfies in this insta feed than in any of the other chefs. (just guessing.) But they are so affable with his true-to-life natural smile beaming through that you can't help but love them. Maybe 'cause we can see, he loves who he is, what he does, and he's just having fun! There's thumbs up on the MKR set. Hair nets and fish weights "working out this morning...... Like rocky only w fish #cleanfishaustralia" has gotta make you grin. Underlying the entertainment, there are some serious food messages; take "brain spiked local wild king on at the 4 tonight #cleanfishaustralia" as example. It's also where we learnt this week, that terrine is back. PS love his curly haired kids.

2. @kylie_kwong Kylie Kwong (18.1k followers)

"Chef restaurateur, cookbook author & TV presenter. Billy Kwong news & updates will be posted here. For further information visit"

There's a touch more polite formality in the messages associated with the insta feed of Kylie Kwong and many more glorious food images. A photo will often offer four aspects of the dish, this packs a lot in. Chef Kylie Kwong offers you images of her daily Billy Kwong specials and other insights into that kitchen. "A daily ritual - filling and rolling our 'Crispy Organic Salt Bush Cakes served with House Chilli' - #DemeterFarmMill and we have created a special bespoke blend of organic flour specifically for these cakes for our new #BillyKwongPottsPoint - see you shortly from 5.30pm #nofilter. In her photos as well as her food, her embrace of ethical and sustainable produce as well as Australian bush food is pronounced.

3. @chasekojima Chase Kojima (3.4k followers)

"Shacho of #Sokyo & #KiyomiGC"

I sat at dinner across the table from Chef Chase Kojima once recently but we already knew each other from online and from instagram. At that dinner (not at one of his restaurants but at Tetsuya's) I told him how much I love his instamix. Here you'll see the current shots from his Sokyo Sydney The Star and Kiyomi Gold Coast Jupiters restaurants and snaps of new dishes - so expect lots of sushi and raw fish. You can count on some almost predictable promo including selfies (though with Kojima they are as cute as a button) yet the thing we love most is those what he eats after work food photos as well as the pics of his adorable kids.

4. @stefanomanfredi Stefano Manfredi (1.3k followers)

Always ahead of the game with technology and social media as well as food, Chef Stefano Manfredi was one of (if not the) first chefs from Sydney on twitter. He's been a little later to the game with instagram but we're getting the same wonderful array of beautiful produce shots from the NSW countryside and from his travels to Italy. "Good morning all you early risers in Australia. Fresh #rawmilk ricotta, still warm after being made at Fratelli Fusco in Agerola near Naples is my favourite breakfast." Each of the Manfredi restaurants - Osteria Balla The Star, Bells at Killcare and the newly re-opened luxury Pretty Beach House resort - also gets a show. When you figure that Stefano is the father of The Preatures lead singer Isabella, it's not surprise that there are some musical notes drifting over the feed too.

5. @honsta_gram Dan Hong (16.9k followers

The sneakers are still there but now boxers have also crept into the picture. When I asked my facebook friends who should be on this list, Dan Hong came out tops. I'm not into sneakers (well not into the way the chef is) but I persevere to see not only his adorable babies but his inspired Merivale dishes and food from his travels. "Working on a new dirty passion" at last count yielded Hong 371 likes for his Ms. G's dish, "Dumpling Mis" 572, "The window of heaven" 666. As with all these chefs (above and below) you'll occasionally see guest appearances in each others streams. One of our heart thumping favourite honstagrams was a recent Nigiri platter from Chase Kojima spelling out the name of Dan Hong's new son OMAR in sushi. By the way, Hong loves emoticons.

And there is so much other bounty. Also check out @philacwood (Rockpool) @dariomancachef (Pilu At Freshwater) @chefjustinnorth (Hotel Centennial) @monty_koludrovic (Icebegs Dining Room) @darrenmfc (O Bar and Dining) @markredlantern (Red Lantern + Pork'd) @leighmcdivitt (ONE6EIGHT) @paulcooper79 (Bishop Sessa) @instakrill (ACME) @lukewmangan (glass + mojo)

Internationally, there's a bunch of incredibly interesting food photos from chefs and food writers and food instagramers to give us a peek into what's happening outside our city and country. The most incredible of these is (without a doubt) from @reneredzepinoma Rene Rezepi. In amongst the stunning (and often rare) produce and dishes of Noma that he shares, you might even see a tall man at a Japanese urinal.

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