Five Drinks For Summer 2023

Rebecca Varidel
16th Nov 2023

Whether on the backyard pavers, on the sand, or on a picnic rug, summer drinks and the living needs to be easy. Here's our Sydney Scoop take on what's new, and what's cheeky, for your Sydney drinking pleasure.

Australian Vok Liqueurs (est. 1950s) is not only right in vogue now with their mid-century classics Crème de Menthe and Blue Curacao Liqueurs, but is also cracking new territory with the launch of three delicious Ready To Drink (RTD) Cocktails. Meeting the demand of drinkers seeking convenient tipples that are full in flavour, the new RTD range pays homage to iconic cocktails that, just like Vok Liquers, shaped decades past, bringing them back in a new, refreshed format. These fabulous Vok Liquers slimline tinnies get top marks from our tasting team.

Sex On The Beach by Vok Liquers is our favourite premix for the season. A convenient twist on an all-time classic cocktail, this ready made Sex On The Beach is a vibrant, zinging blend of Australian vodka, peach liqueur, orange and cranberry juices. But don't let that sway you, the other Vok Liquers cocktails Pina Colada and for something sweeter Raspberry Ripple also hit the mark.

23rd Street Distillery is pumping us more new RTDs with a line-up of three new sparkling RTD flavours with a stylish slim design, the 23rd Street RTD 300ml cans are made from local ingredients and feature vibrant artwork on each can that pays homage to the unique flavour profiles. Rebecca Mills (WA) has designed the can artwork for Tropical Gin & Soda (think tropical fruit flavours of mango, pineapple, passionfruit and finger lime mixed with soda water) and Pineapple & Lime With Australian Vodka. While Billie Justice Thomson (SA) has created the artwork for Pomegranate & Raspberry With Australian Vodka.

Smirnoff the world's leading vodka, has also dropped a new tinnies range, Hard Soda for those after something lighter and brighter. Hard Soda is crafted to have the lightness of a seltzer but the flavour of classic RTD. The new Schmirnoff range of five includes two types of Sodas: Three fresh low-calorie, low-sugar Smirnoff Sodas infused with real fruit juice ideal for day drinks and Two 6% Hard Sodas that pack a citrus punch (hello yuzu and grapefruit!) - these are our picks.

Of course summer drinks are not all about booze, and on hot days and balmy nights, sometimes taking a break does us good. So here are the best of the zero alcohol options to have a pretend play with.

Vinada non-alcoholic sparkling wines have officially made their bubbly debut in Australia. Their sparkling wine range of Chardonnay, (our top pick) Rosé and an Airén are made from premium grapes in both French and Spanish regions, bringing an elegant, authentic terroir flavour. Good to know: this sparkling wine won ‘Best Vegan Drink 2023' at The World Alcohol-Free Awards.

Continuing to redefine the wine occasion, NON announces the next iteration in their stellar line up of wine alternatives, no booze. Their first and long-awaited innovation in the last two years, NON8 (like the seven original and popular bottles before it) is made with bold flavours of the natural world. Stay fancy and serve it chilled in a wine glass as a good alternative match with spicy Asian food, or creamy pasta. With ingredients of orchard apples, caraway seed, cacaonib, oolong, keemun, burnt sugar, ginger root, Murray River salt and verjus, expect a leisurely summer drink that sits somewhere on the palate between elevated fruit juice and wine.