The Hottest Five Hot Dogs in Sydney

Chloe Varga
28th Aug 2015

It’s commonly known that the hot dog is a guilty pleasure of many a Sydney Sider and despite the influx of juice stations and salad bars on every corner sometimes all one craves is a good old snag. Embracing the continental character that crafts the food landscape of Sydney, many diners will be pleasantly surprised at how far the bun and frankfurt have evolved to now include international gourmet influences.

After much tasting and some narrowing down, here are the hottest five hot dogs to be found in Sydney.

Chanoma Cheese Dog - Chanoma

Hot dogs are not the first thing to come to mind when you picture a quaint Japanese style tea house in the middle of Sydney- but don’t be fooled. Chanoma located in the Regent Place eatery is home to some quirky hot dog combinations. Their signature Chanoma Cheese Dog ($5.90) a kransky dressed in a blanket of melted mozzarella, accessorised with curry flavoured cabbage and salsa sauce is full of flavour. The curry flavour is like that of light curry powder and is a nice change from the traditional mustard condiment. Other combinations on the menu include: Creamy Shrimp Dog, Tomkatsu Dog and yes even a Sweet Azuki Desert dog.

Try a serve of wasabi fries (where you can actually taste the wasabi) and a traditional bowl of matcha as sides to add to the overall Japanese food quirk.

Chanoma Shop 11, 501 George Street, Sydney +61 2 9266 0667

Hot Dog de Wheels - Harry De Wheels

Harry is the godfather of the Sydney hotdog world and if you haven’t yet tested a hot dog from Harry De Wheels, add it to your food must have list. Located in several hot spots across Sydney, you can find the Harry De Wheels caravan at Haymarket, Bondi, Parramatta, Newcastle and oh course at its birthplace Woolloomooloo with new locations continually opening.

These are your classic hot dogs, no messing around and consistently good no matter which location you get them from. There are four breeds of hot dog to select from including: the Plain, Chilli, Cheese and the quintessential Hot dog de wheels.

The Hot dog De Wheels is a deluxe combination of a Viennese smoked frankfurt, staple mushy peas, a flavoursome but not too spicy chilli con carne, garlic onions and signature cheese and chilli sauce. A winning choice at any time of the day…night…3am in the morning.

Multiple locations visit to find your closest: +61 28346 4100

Bobby’s Boss Dog - The Soda Factory

There is something from the moment you walk into the mint striped candy-cane hot dog stand themed entrance that makes you think..I am going to somewhere unorthodox tonight. Open the door that is labelled as a coke machine and welcome to the Soda Factory.

Keeping to their promise of hot dogs-the menu is inundated with creative, American icon themed snags. Choose from the likes of The Al Capone (Italian sausage, marinara sauce, mozzarella, olives and basil), The Johnny Drama (a beef frankfurter wrapped in bacon) The Frank Sinatra (Beef and pork sausage with all the traditional trimmings) and the classic Bobby’s Boss Dog.

Bobby’s Boss dog is a creation of beef and pork sausage, served with finely diced onions, vivacious jack cheese and traditional tomato sauce with American mustard. The snag is full of flavour taking the best from both meat worlds and is one for the hot dog purist and traditionalist.

The Soda Factory 16 Wentworth Avenue, Surry Hills +61 2 8096 9120

El Loco Hot dog - El Loco

If you are after a pure bred, mouth wateringly delicious dog-the best in show has to be crowned to the El Loco hot dog. The Mexican cantina styled restaurant/ bar located at both the Excelsior Hotel in Surry Hills, and the Slip In on Sussex Street (both of the Merivale empire) are producing some mighty fine street food.

Created by fusion food extraordinaire chef Dan Hong, every element serves it’s taste bud purpose in its divine construction. The Viennese hot dog ( just the right length and hanging outside of its steamed roll jacket) is dressed with a fresh pico de gallo, a crunchy mustard relish, spicy jalapeño’s, Japanese mayo, and a generous layer of queso fresca ( a Mexican cheese).

With the right architecture of textures, the levels of flavour complement each other with the synthesis of fresh tomato, the crunchiness from the house made frank, the creaminess from the mayo and the saltiness from the cheese. For those who like an extra kick indulge in the hot sauce bottles on the table, but as forewarning these sauces are hot and are sure to set your mouth on fire.

El Loco, Excelsior Hotel, 64 Foveaux Street, Surry Hills +61 29240 3000
El Loco, Slip Inn, 111 Sussex Street, Sydney +61 28295 9999

The Black Dog - The Morrison
Pick any night of the week and The Morrison is abuzz with a crowd, famous for their abundant range of fresh oysters and generous happy hours. With the ever creative culinary direction from chef Sean Connolly, the inclusion of the Burger Parlour has featured some gourmet twists on classic fast food menu items.

Thinking outside of the hot dog stand, the birth of the Black Dog sees a combination of Connolly’s ingenious skills and his passion for a very worthy cause. Selling at $11 each, $3 from each dog sold is donated to the Black Dog Institute, a not for profit organisation dealing with the diagnosis and prevention of mental illness.

The Black Dog is not only aesthetically stunning in its noir beauty but down right divine tasting. A charcoal and crispy bun encloses a gourmet blood sausage met with sauteed onion, contrasted with a neon wagging tail of American mustard. All of the components are of high quality and through their unusualness mesh together to produce one very fine breed of hot dog.

The Morrison, 225 George Street, Sydney +61 29247 6744