Top Five Easter Show Treats At Neon Alley

Joseph Lloyd
8th Apr 2023

There’s no shortage of food trucks and treats at this year’s Easter Show, but this year marks a first on Monaro Street which illuminates into a Vegas-like strip with food vendors adorned with and amongst a display of 500 neon lights. It’s one of the main junction points between the Channel 7 Woodchop Station, Fashion & Style Pavillion and Pet pavillion.

Our Top 5 Picks:

GUMMY BEAR LOADED FRIES bring together a chewy sweet favourite with crunchy straight cut fries with a texture crunch of sprinkles.  The melting of gummies creates a stretchy mozzarella bind that literally ties everything together as you pull a chip towards you in an array of colours.  

THE NACHO DOG with neon coloured sauce and bun delivers with a twist with its cartoon appearance in keeping with the technicolor setting.

THE TIM TAM LOADED CRONUT is a flaky delight of pastry heaped with ice cream peppered with broken tim tam. An airy bite with bursts of satisfying gelato with sporadic end notes of chocolate are an irresistible delight.

THE LEMON SORBET is a refreshing citrus burst with mint served in a fresh lemon with pulp removed. The wafer breaks the tartness. The bright yellow lemon sorbet in the shell of a real lemon brings a touch of the Amalfi coast in the afternoon autumn sun.

WORLD’S LONGEST FLOSS STICK is a dazzling glow in the dark rod of fairy floss wrapped around a three foot light saber turning this sweet indulgence into playful weaponry.

A collaboration between Ace Events and Air-Stream the food trucks that parade the laneway of technicolour include ‘I love Fairy Floss’, ‘I love Hot Dogs’, ‘I love Churros’, ‘I love Gelato & Shakes’ and ‘I love Fairy Floss’ constituting the new Neon Alley destination which you will find on the Royal Easter Show Map. A sound system lines the entire street with a carefully chosen 90s soundtrack that plays across all food trucks. 

Five generations of the Evans and Foster families, who are running the new Neon Alley, have shared a proud history with Royal Easter Show.

“Our families have been involved with the Royal Easter Show for close to half the time it’s been running.  For 95 years [five generations of] the Foster and Evan’s families have been a part of the Show with food and rides – and this year our kids are heavily involved in Neon Alley.  Our sixteen year old daughter Ava will have her ‘I love Churros’ air stream at Neon Alley and seventeen year old son Austin will also be running a food truck,’ said Jade Evans, who along with her husband Josh, kids and other family members will run the new Neon Alley.

King of the Dagwood Dogs, Josh Evans - whose family first introduced the show food staple to Australia in the early 1930s - will be handmaking the classic Easter treat using the recipe his grandparents brought back from an American fair adding his take to it with the introduction of a two foot long dagwood dog and a range of neon coloured coatings!

The Elvis Burger sees a chicken schnitzel wedged between two Krispy Kreme donuts while milkshakes. 

Neon batters, sauces, gelato, churros, neon hot dogs, buns, lightsabers, strobe lit bulbs are what some of the menu items will be served in turning old crowd pleasers into new experiences. The food truck game at the Easter show has seen gauntlets thrown down with its standout performance from Neon Alley in a bid to reel punters in to destination eating rather than impulse as they plan their day of events at the show.