The Squared Division Say Five

Rebecca Varidel
30th Jan 2015

The Squared Division dynamic duo Antony Ginandiar and Ashley Evans are the new creative directors for Pacha Sydney. Before I even spoke with them, the first thing I noticed in a room of people at the ivy penthouse, was a pair of bright orange patent shoes: Vivien Westwood, of course. And after previewing the costumes and choreography for the new 2015 Pacha Sydney shows, I had a chance to sit down and chat with the boys.

With a vision birthed in popular culture, Antony and Ashley lead a phenomenal team to produce cutting edge productions every Saturday night at the iconic Sydney nightclub. While we know them here in Sydney for this wonderful creative direction at Pacha and also on TV with the X Factor, their @SQUAREDDIVISION twitter profile shows them living in Sydney and LA. To date the biggest international success for them has been choreographing for Britney Spears. It's hard to imagine how that changed their life. They were definitely flattered; they grew up on her music. But, since they were filmed in a documentary with her, they get stopped in the street. Although they are the new darlings of both LA and Sydney, they are grounded and focused on their craft. For the Squared Division duo, success has meant a bigger platform to be able to do the job they want to do, and to have the chance to grow. Pacha Sydney 2015 is that next step.

And what are the things they love best about Sydney (apart from Pacha nightclub, that is...)?

1. The BONDI to BRONTE coastal walk

What’s not to love about a coastal walk, the fresh air and sound of the waves clears our minds.

2. Campos Coffee

Living in the USA now, we appreciate good coffee more than anything. Campos never lets us down when we are back in Oz.

3. Mr. Wong

Amazing atmosphere and yummy Chinese food

4. Gordon's Bay (Beach)

Laying on the rocks here in summer makes us feel like we are far away on an exotic holiday. Love the chilled out vibe.

5. New Shanghai Dumplings - Ashfield

Cheap, easy and delicious!