How To Get Your Party Frock On

Rebecca Varidel
16th Nov 2014

It's Sydney and it's summer so shove the black to the back of the cupboard and come out partying.

1. Big Bold Colour

One or Two or sometimes Three. Block colours. Fuscia with jade. Teal with Orange. Midnight blue with pale pink, for something prettier. Champagne with beige, for something softer. Go white all the way. Or jump khaki. And if you must wear black, add one bright to make it a party.

2. Sheers and Sequins

Sheer long hems over short dresses or trousers. Chiffon drapes over one shoulder. Sequinned capes and jackets. Or sequins on the wrist. Just a touch of feminine. For your chance to shine and sparkle. Even when your party personality already says it all. And only, if like you, they're unpredictable!

3. Get Uneven

Take that however you want. It is a party after all. What I meant though, is wear it asymmetrically: one shoulder off a dress, a shorter hem front than back, a long slit up one side, the choice is yours.

4. Let It Long

Long dresses say celebration. Floating dresses say fun. Sheer long over a short dress says party. Alternatives: like a sleeveless open maxi vest over other colour(s), or a floating cape over pantsuit says millennium hippie. A long handkerchief dress has you channelling Stevie Nicks for the real thing.

5. Over Your Shoulder and On Your Arm

By all means you can hang on to someone gorgeous, if you must. But that's sometimes a bit of a hindrance to having fun - isn't it? So, hang your bag on your shoulder - something slim with a long strap - so you can hang on to your cocktail and your canapé instead. Without the need for a human handbag, the only other accessory you'll need this party season, apart from a cocktail napkin, is a little something at the wrist. Park a big metal cuff or big bracing bangles on just one of them. Or for some silly season prettiness try tying a ribbon and fabric flowers on your arm, a la débutante.