Milky Lane Coogee Beach Launch

Nicki Alchin
20th Oct 2018
Milky Lane Coogee Beach is definitely another winner for the crew behind the Milky Lane brand. Coogee joins the stable of four existing Milky Lane venues located at Bondi, Cronulla, Parramatta, and over the border in Surfers Paradise. Upon arrival we couldn't take our eyes off the amazing life size street art murals gracing each wall. Lots of big colours and graphics injected the otherwise run of the mill shop space with a feel of  vibrant party times.

The Coogee launch party was pumping  with a street cred VIP crowd. Details to the nth degree also meant that two American Impala muscle cars sat outside jacked up on their side to let everyone know that some serious partying was going down.

If you know anything at all about the Milky Lane brand, you would know that no party could be started without sampling their luscious cocktails and alcoholic milkshakes. Sydney Scoop began with a Bondi Sour and a Bay Rd Breezer. Two well constructed tasty cocktails that were garnished with care and presented in a short glass and a Tiki mug respectively.

Before we knew it the alcoholic milkshakes were rolling out. The amazing Bueno milkshake made a visit a couple of times to our table. Yes, I know that there is a certain trend of building totally OTT milkshakes  but I am very happy to report that Milky Lane gives its customers the milkshake wow factor with oodles of whipped cream, thick topping inside and tastefully outside of the glass, there is none of the silliness of a Mount Vesuvius going on. We were therefore still able to indulge our desire of dipping our forefinger in the cream and chocolate topping of the Bueno milkshake  glazed on the glass and popping the contents on our tongues. You may think that such a shake made out of Bacardi Carta Blanca, Frangelico, Mozart Chocolate Liqueur, vanilla cream topped with a Nutella foam and Bueno bar would be ultra sweet but the whipped cream along with the flavors of the alcohol countered the chocolate hit. Also, the sweetness was a great complement to the savoury extras being served up. You shouldn't go past trying the sweet potato loaded fries with their perfect crunch or the mac n cheese croquettes - we tried the mushroom version as well as the bacon one and weren't disappointed on either occasion. Just think a crunchy layer of fried goodness surrounding a runny yummy mac n cheese sauce inside. It is definitely a most excellent antidote to the over used and abused arincini ball which is so mid 90s. The other extra that impressed and satisfied the Sydney Scoop tastebuds were the juicy crisp Pop-Korn chicken bites of southern fried chicken observed with cheesey gravy sauce.

Of course we couldn't leave without trying the famous Milky Lane burgers. Served up mini style, we sampled thick wagyu patties, double American cheese, diced onions, pickles, homestyle mayo, American mustard, and Milky Lane ketchup between milk buns. We also tried the southern fried chicken variety, basically just replace the wagyu beef for the chicken.

For each mouthful of both burgers I found myself exclaiming, to whoever walked past, "good burger". Last but not least we washed it all down with a mini salted caramel thickshake and a strawberry one as well just to make sure the cream content was the same ... and yes it was deliciously the same.

In amongst all that we also tried the Running With Thieves Draft which was a very pleasant easy going beer good to drink alongside burgers. There was also some added excitement of watching Robbie Stowe, cocktail and flare dude extraordinaire dazzle us with his fire show to the beat of the urban music soundtrack rocking the space.

Milky Lane Coogee Beach certainly lived up to the hype. If you love a burger, a shake and tasty extras, Sydney Scoop recommends you pop along to Milky Lane and 1. Grab a Drink 2. Order Your Burger 3. Get Some Extras 4. Desserts.

Location - 244 Coogee Bay Road, Coogee Beach.
Instagram - milkylaneofficial
Cost - $$
Casual attire