Slumberhaze Break Their Silence

Kate Young
19th Oct 2016

Slumberhaze, when we last spoke to them, were riding high after releasing their final chapter to their Rhyme, Rhythm and Romance (RRR3) trilogy. Describing themselves as 'Dark Colourful Pop', incorporating influences as diverse as Outkast and David Bowie, Slumberhaze create a musical dreamscape transporting the listener to place where boundaries are obsolete - accentuating how the soul communicates to the world and living within it.

So what does one do when one book closes and another begins? For Slumberhaze this is journey is yet to be paved, but their feet are in motion and the boys are back with a new offering. Written just after Sasha (vocals) went through a series of major life changes, the upcoming single is named "Silence." The song speaks of a man with schizophrenia that finds catharsis in the woman of his dreams.

Her memory encapsulates and defines his conscious being, both easing his affliction with comfort and guidance, while in turn leading to painful withdrawals as the memory slowly fades. The accompanying film-clip is a stark and minimalist portrayal of this tumultuous internal struggle.

The music itself shows similar signs of psychosis. The verse features deep-rooted 80’s synth. The anguished strings and vocals are riddled with angst as they’re focused on the frightening task of uncovering deeply felt emotional wounds. The chorus takes flight and opens up to the delusions. Stabbing guitars, swirling strings, soaring mellotrons, thumping bass and elevated lyrics which all lead to epic close of a man whose been released from his demons.

For those who are Fans of Slumberhaze will be gobsmacked by the “maturity” of this single. I feel as if Rhyme, Rhythm and Romance was a documentation of the transition period between boyhood and manhood. The boys have grown not just musically but recording-wise as well. "Silence" is golden, and if this is any indication of the road ahead for this band, then they better get ready 'cause all I see is highway, baby.

Ahead of the single's release and the imminent tour, Sasha answered a few questions for us to offer insight into the new track. 

Love is a huge recurring theme through out your music and the latest single proves the strength it has to get us through the darkest times, but also how devastating it can be on the soul when its taken away. What is the most important lesson you’ve learnt when in comes to love?

Selflessness and patience. I don't want to be that 'the world needs love' guy, but the world needs more love. I don't think we as a band and project would have withstood our pricky challenges without love and thats worth writing about. It has pretty much been the theme of nearly every song written in history. It's tough to write about a piece of fruit, or an air-conditioner. 

I read that the song “Silence” was written after some major life changes. Is it hard as an artist allowing yourself to be so exposed and is there ever a line you have to draw with regards to just how much you’re willing to share of yourself?

It is surely difficult to be candid and try to function normally within society when all your cards are shown. With such a focused period of narcissism, being honest is at times like being vulnerable. But hey, if the truth sets you free, then fuck it. And no, I don't draw the line in truth, and pretty much find myself in piles of laughter and concern readily.

In the song, the male protagonist is diagnosed with schizophrenia. Do you think there is a need to shed light on such topics as mental health? Are people close to understanding such issues?

Lyrically, I didn't plan to focus on such a topic as mental health, but the story evolved naturally during the writing of the piece. It became a tainted love song, and as I discovered more and more how healing this girl was for him, the illness was discovered. Mental health is real and I agree it should be studied and researched far more. It really is a modern day disease, in my opinion. However prevelant it has been in society, historically, it is far more common in the modern day and like anything of vast detriment, it should be lit up brighter.

Earlier this year we saw the final installation of Rhyme, Rhythm & Romance released. How does it feel to have that chapter of your life come to a close?

Melancholic and satisfying. In 2013 when Slumberhaze started, we had the vision and mapped it out to a tee. We went ahead to tick off all the prior plans we set. So when we finally released it there was this breath of relief, that we as a band stuck together throughout the process and didn't once think that we would not do it. The 3rd EP was extra special as we met our new members and they were an integral part of completing the trilogy.

Are you looking forward to the tour? What can fans (and fans to be) expect from your shows?

Yes we are, of course. If we are being honest, I may as well say that we are far better to watch on stage than on the radio. We don't take playing shows lightly, rehearse like athletes and drink wine like popes. We have an original show, it features exerts, hip hop vibes and building jam-outs. And of course, something we would like to call: Dark, Colourful Pop. Don't Believe The Haze. xx

"Silence" is hitting Spotify, iTunes and Apple Music on Thursday October 27th. Check out the full dates for Slumberhaze's Silence Tour below:

Thursday November 24th - Rad Bar, Wollongong

Friday November 25th - Oxford Art Factory, Darlinghurst (Rare Finds ARIA Week)

Saturday November 26th - Phoenix Bar, Canberra

Wednesday November 30th - Lass O'Gowrie, Newcastle

Thursday December 1st - Bearded Lady, Brisbane

Friday December 2nd - Port Pier, Port Macquarie

Saturday December 3rd - Penny Black, Melbourne

Thursday December 8th - Hotel Steyne, Manly

Thursday December 15th - Hotel Steyne, Manly

Friday December 16th - Factory Floor, Marrickville (with Elliot the Bull)