Montaigne: "Because I Love You" Tour

Olivia Watson
15th Oct 2016

Local singer-songwriter Montaigne spoke to us earlier this year in the lead up to the launch of her recent album Glorious Heights, and now we've followed up on the rising star's success with two sold out Sydney shows in her "Because I Love You" tour.

Taking to the stage of Oxford Art Factory in front of a packed out room of enthusiastic fans, Montaigne appeared very much in her element. Launching immediately into her previous hit single "I'm A Fantastic Wreck", she jokingly suggested she'd peaked too early by playing her biggest hit first - before reminding us she had a whole album of new tracks to delve into through the rest of the night.

What followed was a fabulously energetic, thoughtful, focused display of her lyrical introspection, vocal strengths and commanding stage presence.

For a younger artist reasonably new to the sell-out-tour scene, Montaigne has an excellent ability to capture and fix attention with her remarkable stage persona. In our interview a few months ago she described how onstage she is very much focused on the music and on delivering a top quality performance, a focus which was clearly evident at this performance. Emotive facial expressions, artfully deliberate movements and of course those powerful vocals of hers made for a captivating experience for those of us fortunate enough to be watching her play live.

Another point of significance raised in our previous conversation was the autobiographical nature of Montaigne's lyrics. Having commented on the personal nature of all of her songs and the stories behind them, it was unsurprising to feel that the singer was experiencing a real connection with her music focusing on clearly articulating the thoughtful lyrics.

And she wasn't the only one relating to her lyrical stories - announcing one track as a song written on tour about wanting to text a boy whom she knew she shouldn't, they were many understanding chuckles from the crowd, and we overheard one nodding fan mutter "story of my life".

For her performance of the ballad of the album, "Consolation Prize", Montaigne took to the crowd, standing among mesmerised fans to deliver a sombre, heartfelt number. Initially frustrating for the shorter and further-back members of the crowd, the experience of her voice resonating through the room without a focal point of visuals on stage became moving in itself for those unable to see the singer.

Support acts on the night were Woodes and Bec Sandridge who warmed the crowd up well and presented some nice musical contrast by neither being too similar in style to Montaigne. Both have several gigs of their own coming up and are worth checking out.

Mention must also be made of the much appreciated nod of respect to her fans (and support acts) that Montaigne provided in starting her set not only on time but ten minutes early. 

In what we at Scoop felt to be some terrific set list design, Montaigne and her band powered through a rocking, uninterrupted three track set to close on a high. The tour's title number"Because I Love You" unsurprisingly took the final space in this set and indeed proved it deserved the spot.

This wasn't to be all though, there was no leaving without an encore and for this the singer brought out her guitar and wound down the night with two final tunes.

Montaigne has cemented her great strength as a live performer and we look forward to seeing what she delivers next.

Glorious Heights is out now. Check out Montaigne's website or Facebook for her latest shows and news.

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